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Graduate Financial Aid

Types of Aid for Graduate Students

The types of aid available for students enrolled in or accepted into a graduate program are federal student loans, scholarships, and assistantships.

Graduate students should note that the Office of Student Financial Assistance does not award graduate assistantships or scholarships. These types of aid are awarded by the Graduate Programs Office. Please contact them at 617.879.7162 for any questions about these aid programs.

For information about the federal student loans available for graduate students:

Student Financial Assistance

Graduate students should apply for financial aid at the same time they are applying for admission to the College. Once a student is accepted into a graduate program, their financial aid eligibility will be determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance, and the student will be sent a financial assistance letter.

The financial assistance letter that you will receive from Student Financial Assistance will offer the amount of Federal Direct Stafford Loan that you are eligible to receive—a maximum of $20,500 for one academic year.

If the aid/loans a student has been offered on their financial assistance letter are not enough to assist the student in meeting the cost of his/her education, then applying for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan may help fill the additional need. A graduate student may apply for any amount in the Graduate PLUS Loan program up to their cost of attendance, minus any other aid/loans they will be receiving.

Read more about receiving financial aid and your financial assistance letter.

International Students

Please note that only U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are eligible to file the FAFSA. However, non-U.S. Citizens may apply for a private student loan with a U.S. Citizen as a co-signer.