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Eli Neuman-Hammond, Visiting Lecturer
"One hearing or a century of hearings?" | 2022, Mixed Media

Excerpt recording of installation:

Presented at the Milton Avery Graduate School of Art in these parts:

Sculpture of the maypole tree trunk, shellac, paint, concrete and steel base
Deranged compass rope; wood panel; oil paint; glazed and unglazed ceramic; washed up bricks from Rockaway, Queens; foundation brick from Dogtown, Gloucester; granite from Dogtown, Gloucester; quarried granite from Halibut Point, Gloucester; beach stone from Marblehead; beach stone from Martha’s Vineyard; smoky quartz mined in the White Mountains, New Hampshire
Pile monument fieldstone wall parts
Landscape of the Puritan mind in 17th century Massachusett land MDF panel, oil paint
1627, 1675, 1890, x glazed ceramic
“One hearing or a century of hearings?” audio (24”) diffused in hallway with amplified “1627, 1675, 1890, x”
Industry paint, wood panel
Anne Hutchinson Parkway paint, wood, canvas panel