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Travel Courses

For over 20 years, MassArt faculty members have offered international travel courses across disciplines and to destinations all over the globe. The International Education Center supports both faculty and students in these courses, from conception to the flight home. By participating in a travel course, you'll join a group of globally inspired artists and designers led by MassArt faculty experts on a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Travel Courses

  • Travel courses are three-credit elective courses open to all majors, including first year students
  • Tuition for the 3 credits is included in full-time, undergraduate tuition
  • Graduate students, part-time students, and others will pay for the tuition by credit, and can inquire about tuition costs by emailing
  • In addition to tuition costs, each course has a program fee that covers the costs of travel, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities
  • Financial Aid awards and/or loans may be applied
  • A limited number of partial, travel course scholarships are available for international travel courses. They are need-based and awarded based on students' FAFSA scores. The scholarship application and complete eligibility requirements can be found in the Travel Course online application
  • In addition to the travel component, course meetings are held throughout the semester
  • If you are considering study abroad, it is critical to get a passport immediately. Visit the U.S. Department of State for instructions
  • Visit Studio Abroad for more information and to complete the online application

spring Semester 2019 Travel Courses: spring break

  • Crossing the Pond: Exploring Communication Design in London and Leeds

    The UK is recognized internationally for cutting edge and innovative communication design—Design, Illustration, Advertising, Motion Graphics and Animation. London is home to writers, politicians, artists, musicians, animators and designers. In its metropolitan area are well over seven million people representing communities from every corner of the earth. It is truly an international city. In London our student group will visit the studios of leading designers, illustrators and animators, as well as the important art museums. Leeds is a very lively and historic city located in West Yorkshire, England. It is a stylish city crammed with top-quality museums and art galleries and spectacular Victorian and Edwardian architecture. Leeds is also a popular location for businesses in the creative industries, especially graphic design, advertising, film and new media.

    Destination: England, March 1-17, 2019
    Faculty: Professor Scott Bakal and Professor Emerita Elizabeth Resnick • /
    Department: Illustration, Graphic Design (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $3,900 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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  • Renaissance Splendor: The Golden Age of Venice and the Veneto

    This course will engage students in a comprehensive examination of the painting, sculpture and architecture produced during the Golden Age of Venice and the Veneto. We will study the evolution of Venetian culture from its origins to its rise as the greatest and most enduring republic the world has ever known, as well as one of the richest and most magnetic artistic centers in Europe. The basic goal of the course is to immerse students in the living culture of northern Italy, and to imbue in them an appreciation and understanding of its history, its urban and rural landscapes, its public and domestic architecture, and the inspiration and poetry of its prolific artistic embellishment at every level and on every scale.

    Destination: Italy, March 1-16, 2019
    Faculty: Professor Ellen Shapiro and Professor David Nolta • /
    Department: History of Art (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, History of Art
    Course Fee: $3,700 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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spring Semester 2019 Travel Courses: summer

  • Boston to Beijing: china through the five sense

    This course’s intention is to immerse students in the living history of China through close contacts with its ancient and contemporary culture. Daily exposure to art, architecture and religious artifacts will broaden students’ understanding of Chinese culture while enhancing their own creative endeavors. The primary focus is the examination of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, within the context of China’s rapid rise on the world stage and ancient history. We will examine the influence of rituals within the arts and crafts – specifically those of woodblock printing, calligraphy, textiles and pottery. During our travels we will visit Buddhist Temples, splendors of Imperial Courts and the idiosyncratic gardens of the aristocrats. Our sojourn through China will find us trekking through both Beijing and Dunhuang. Each of these areas is steeped in history, and their spiritual and artistic lives exemplify regional and external influences.

    Destination: China, May 26 - June 8, 2019 (tentative)
    Faculty: Professor Marc Holland and Associate Professor Lisong Liu • /
    Department: Studio Foundation, Liberal Arts (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $4,200 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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  • ghana: Color, Pattern and Culture at the Center of the World

    Ghana, as some say, is the center of the world, since it is the closest landmass to 0° latitude, 0° longitude. It is also the first black African country to achieve independence and is a wonderful place to connect to local culture, beauty of textiles, fashion, art, and history. The core goal behind this travel course to Ghana is brining old world techniques into modern use, appreciating new environments, and broadening personal education. Students are given the opportunity to live, work and create in Nungua, a coastal town just outside of Accra. Through workshops, lectures, studio and factory visits, students will learn and gain hands on experience in the techniques used by local Ghanaian artists, educators, artisans and business owners. Excursions to Accra, Odumase Krobo and Cape Coast will also be included in this eye-opening travel experience.

    Destination: Ghana, June 3-19, 2019 (tentative)
    Faculty: Professor Renee Harding •
    Department: Fashion Design (open to all majors) (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $4,000 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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Fall Semester 2018 Travel Courses

  • Antwerp to Paris: Crossing the Fashion Spectrum

    This course will examine both the historical heritage of couture design as found through the textiles, techniques and craftsmanship of the designers as well as a contemporary view of the globalization of fashion and where designers are heading in the future. We will examine how the old world techniques continue to shape and work within the technological advancements of the present day. Students will examine how Antwerp has surfaced as a leading innovative force in fashion and what this means in the larger global context, as well as the deep history and distinction of Parisian fashion.  This will be accomplished through lectures and coursework throughout the semester and will culminate with a 2 weeks in Antwerp, Belgium and Paris, France.

    Destination: Belgium and France, January 7-20, 2019
    Faculty: Professor Jennifer Varekamp •
    Department: Fashion Design (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $3,900(includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities) 

    This course has reached maximum enrollment for Fall 2018.

  • Cuba 2019: Artist-in-Residency Project
    Exploring​ ​Cultural​ ​Geographies,​ ​Personal​ ​Narratives,​ ​Art​ ​and​ ​the​ ​Natural​ ​Environment: Students research natural histories, regional climates, cultural/political geographies, artistic traditions and interdisciplinary Afro-Cuban ancestral legacies in Cuba. The interdisciplinary course includes semester long research at MassArt and a two-week on-site Artist-in-Residency in Cuba. Students develop individual studio projects designed for implementation in Cuba. On-site studio intensives, workshops and artist studio visits occur during the residency. Students meet with organic farmers, urban artists, curators, architectural historians, sculptors, installation artists, photographers, papermakers and printmakers in Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Rio and Santiago de Cuba.

    Destination: Cuba, Travel Dates: December 26, 2018 - January 10, 2019 (tentative)
    Faculty: Professor Emerita Sharon Dunn •
    Department: Graduate Programs (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $4,000 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

    This course has reached maximum enrollment for Fall 2018


Resources for students from underrepresented backgrounds

  • Diversity Abroad: A clearinghouse for information about underrepresented students abroad
  • Identities Abroad: A Colleges of the Fenway guide for students who are part of the LGBTQ community
  • Mobility International: A disability-led non-profit organization working to advance the rights of people with disabilities globally

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