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Mask Policy

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Updated Mask Policy

Starting Thursday, February 16th, MassArt will shift to a “masks strongly encouraged” policy in all spaces on campus, unless noted otherwise by signage. All community members are asked to continue carrying a mask on them at all times, and it is recommended that all voluntarily mask in crowded settings, such as elevators, especially indoors.

Some exceptions

The reasons that we are confident in making this shift are the following:

At the same time that we take these steps, we want to continue to thank all members of our MassArt community for making informed decisions about health and well-being for you, and those around you. And, we encourage and support any member of our community who is more comfortable wearing a mask for your own protection and well being or the protection of someone close to you to continue to do so. We will also continue to provide masks at the main points of entry to the college.

We strongly encourage everyone to continue taking all necessary precautions, including getting vaccinated and boosted if you are eligible practicing good hygiene, staying home when you are sick, and following guidance from public health officials. 

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Updated as of 2/14/23