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Divya Mangadu20, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Radhika Dhepe20, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Stephanie Quinones-Millet20, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Nalo: Together We Support Recovery | 2018, Solution

With the emergence of the sharing economy, students in MDes 601 Experience Lab 1 were challenged to explore this new business model through a human-centered service design approach. Having picked a complex problem that the students were passionate about, they translated their concept into a business start-up pitch in their MDes 604 Financial Accounting course. Radhika, Divya, and Stephanie honed in on the opioid crisis and developed a knowledge/resource sharing app named, NALO: Together We Support Recovery.

NALO is a peer-to-peer platform designed to combat the ongoing opioid crisis through bystander education and opioid user support. The app’s hero is accessibility to the overdose counteractant, naloxone. With features to ensure a seamless experience during a crisis, NALO provides step-by-step instruction for bystanders on how to access and use naloxone. The app is also a consolidated resource platform for those using opioids; with features like appointment integration, counselor matching, and a resource finder for shelters, mental health facilities, and more. Nalo values accessibility and aims to make the road to recovery easy.

Nalo is a non-profit startup; the students presented a business pitch to a panel of mock investors, mapping out the platforms funding and expansion. They also documented costs and revenue through an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow in a proforma format.

From the fuzzy front end of ideation to the final proposal presentation, the students actively engaged with the design process through research, ideation, and, user testing.