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Zayra Campos20, BFA, History of Art
September 2nd | 2018, Installation

"September 2nd" is about the burning of the National Museum of Brazil. As a Brazilian experiencing this tremendous loss here in the states, Zayra found it to be very difficult to raise awareness and empathy. She invited viewers to interact with the piece by ripping the shredded words until the gallery wall was completely bare and surrounded by the remnants of what once there. The writings were sourced from the Museum's website, news articles, and the artist's own personal thoughts. In front of the work stood a small CRT TV that projected archival footage of the museum with sounds of the fire that destroyed over 20 million objects in the collection. Zayra notes that, "as an artist, I cannot force people to feel what they cannot relate to, I can only ask that they interact with the work and contemplate the experience they had."