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Fall 2020

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Annual Symposium

Each year, the History of Art Department hosts an annual symposium, allowing students from any discipline to present their art-historical research.

2018-2109 symposium • April 18, 2019

  • Alura Leet - "Queen Mother of the West vs. Confucius: A Foreign Myth and Han State Ideology" 
  • Sonisai Long - "Kung Fu Hustle Culture Hustle: Cinematic Clash of East and West"
  • Donvu Le - "Ip Man Martial Art Master as a Philosopher-Gentleman"
  • Xingyu Gu - "Have a Nice Day: Realism vs Fantasy in Chinese Animation"

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2017-2018 symposium • april 4, 2018

  • Kaylee Hennessey - "The Book of the People: The Popol Vuh in Maya Life"
  • Abygayl Marsh - "The Enemy Has No Face"
  • Michael Aiello - "Farewell My Concubine / Hello My Self"
  • Rose Wiklund - "The Aztec Legacy in Contemporary Mexican Art" 

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2016-2017 symposium • april 12, 2017

  • Jayme Horne - "Reconsidering Thir Gender in the Ancient Maya World"
  • Anh Quynh Tran - "Sun Goddess, Virgin Mary, and the Skeleton in the Closet"
  • Anagha Prasan - "Examining Southeast Asia's Most Notorious Art Dealer"

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2015-2016 Symposium • April 6, 2016

  • Paul Fitzgerald - The Garden of Earthly Delights as Habsburg-Burgundian Spectacle
  • Felix Kauffman - "Wa Complex: An Analysis of Japan's Identity"
  • Rebecca Morrison - "Walid Raad: Fiction's Truth, from Archive to Imagination" 
  • John Valeriani - "Jan Svankmajer's Dimensions of Dialogue: Post Soviet Ideological Exposure"

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2014-2015 Symposium • April 22, 2015

  • Cole Wuilleumier - "Justifying Identities: Art Repatriation and the Universal Museum"
  • Molly O'Neill - "A World of Glass" 
  • Andrew Rondinone - "Regarding Ed Ruscha's Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass"
  • Brett Schneider - "Clash of Hokusai Spirit, Shogun, and Emperor"

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2013-2014 Symposium • April 9, 2014

  • Sebastian Francis-Burnell - "Deep Roots, Heavy Fruits: The Grave Realism in Japanese Anime"
  • Terese Raschel Lukey - "Living Wampanoag: The Art of Reclaiming the Wôpanâak Language" 
  • Emily Watlington - "Aby Warburg and Marcel Duchamp: A Microcosm of Radical Western Modernism" 

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