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Emma Ballacino19, BFA, Art Education
Cups (Not for Drinking) | 2018, Installation

Porcelain, liquid

Artists Statement

Through this making process, I have come to terms with myself as an artist. Calling myself a "potter" had previously felt shameful, unartistic, and simple. I am at art school, so I should make art. "Cups aren't creative. Cups aren't conceptual." I became this weird hybrid maker - I would make work that I felt my peers and professors wanted me to make, something that made me seem like an Artist, and then would run off to my ceramics oasis to throw on the wheel, devote hours to pulling the perfect handle, mixing glazes. I resisted the wheel, resisted pottery, and for so long resisted my artistic practice and the work that fulfilled by desire to make. 

This work is, at its core, my letting go of resistance. 
I want to make cups, so I made cups. 
They are not functional, and they do not need to be.
Drink from them.
I dare you.