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Master Print Series

Video: Winfred Rembert at MassArt

During the spring semester, the Printmaking Department welcomes a renowned artist to MassArt for an artist-in-residency. The artist works with students to develop a concept that evolves into artwork.

Students work in teams on all aspects of matrix preparation - including preliminary proofing, paper and ink preparation, and learning to methodically print consistent, professional level editions.

The experience the students gain in this 4-5 day marathon has a radically positive effect. It encourages higher expectations, desire, and skill sharpening in presenting their own work in a noticeably more professional manner.

The editions made are divided between the visiting artist and the Printmaking Department. The subsequent sale of prints covers the entire cost of the projects. Any profit goes to 2D student Merit Awards and it supports additional Special Events in printmaking such as Visiting Artist lectures, workshops, demos, and individual studio visits.

past visiting artists