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Ghost of Sara

Yukio Nishino16, MFA, Film/Video
Ghost of Sara | 2016, Film/Video

Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. 
She lived in a tiny room without lights like a nocturnal animal, and the only place she knew was there. 
She never had doubts or inquiries because she didn’t even know if she was content enough there.
She was not allowed to leave the room. Besides, she didn’t know if she wanted to move to another place. 
She only knew that part of what she desired to do is:

“To be the cutest girl in the world.”

Although she didn’t know any other girls, she knew her pretty and ugly dolls. 
Maybe someone told her that her face was similar to the ugly doll’s face, 
so she knew that she was ugly, even though there were no reflections to reveal her face.
She learned how to make dolls, but what she created was always an ugly doll. 
She felt like that she was re-making herself again and again; a part of her was anxious, but the other part of her was eager.
The doll’s spirit mingled with the girl’s unrest, isolation and agony. We never know where this spirit is going. 
Someone says, “It’s a just someone’s mischief.” 
The other says, “It’s a curse of Devil.” We can never find a way to return her soul to her own body. 

Actress; Ayako Tanigaito
Director: Yukiko Nishino

Official Selection for the Miami Independent Film Festival, 2015
Official Selection MAC Horror Film Fest, 2015