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Vielmetter Los Angeles : Geneviève Gaignard : Strange Fruit

Geneviève Gaignard - Off With Their Heads - For The Crows To Pluck, 2022 - Courtesy of the artist and Vielmetter Los Angeles

"With Strange Fruit, Genevieve Gaignard (BFA Photography) opens a door to haunting nostalgia of America’s relationship to racial violence. This exhition marks her most extensive and provocative body of work to date, focusing on historical and modern-day acts of lynching. The title, borrowed from Billie Holiday’s iconic song, interfaces a range of unapologetic commentary on the American psyche, simulating its inseparable tie to the horrors visited upon black people. This work emerges against history’s recent spate of calls for racial justice and draws attention to this country’s racial progress—or lack thereof. Strange Fruit asks: Do you only see what you want to believe?"

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