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In Tampa, graphic pictures of racist attacks, white-on-black violence and hate crimes on exhibit

Jennifer Ring of Creative Loaf experiences Professor and alumnus' Steve Locke's "steve locke: the color of remembering" at Gallery 221 in Tampa, FL. The exhibition is a jarring exploration of murder and violence of African-American men in America. 

Richard Branson wants Under Armour space suits because ‘you ought to look good’ in outer space

Alumna and Assistant Professor Cara Tuttle comments on apparel company Under Armour partnering with Virgin Galactic to create astro-tourism flight suits. Tuttle notes, "Space apparel is likely here to stay...and it’s almost like a new sport that people will be participating in."

The Closest Thing to Skin

Cate McQuaid of the Boston Globe reviews the work of recent fibers graduates, no on view in "Tense" at the Fort Point Arts Community Gallery.

McQuaid writes, "'Tense,' while intentionally discomforting, also feels bright, earnest, and a little raw, like the work of newly minted artists. That’s tense, too, of course — rough edges that in time will be sanded down." 


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