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New Tools

The following tools are helping MassArt plan the Fall 2020 semester: 

We’ve created  a new set of schedule grids for hybrid courses across campus to give students to a tool for envisioning their own individual schedules. Each grid was created working directly with Chairs and Studio Managers to determine the best solutions for maximizing access given other uses/needs and health and safety guidelines.

Heat Mapping Tool
Our partners in MassArt’s Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness office (IREP) created a heat map that helps us to understand space use patterns and identify areas of the campus where de-densification or other strategies for limiting occupancy need to be employed. This amazing tool takes our real course data and gives us several dynamic visual viewpoints into space use, campus activities, and other patterns and behaviors across campus. 

We continue to develop more sophisticated uses of the College’s space use data to advise and direct decision making in all areas of the campus. 

Faculty Professional Development
Academic Affairs is providing two professional development opportunities for faculty over the summer months, including recorded options. Each opportunity consists of three sessions, one per week, with each session lasting 90 minutes. The first is a group of sessions focusing on Designing Online Learning for Student Engagement led by Laura Saunders, Associate Professor at Simmons University School of Library and Information Science. The second group of sessions focuses on Studio Teaching and Learning in a Remote Environment led by Clara Lieu, critic in the Division of Experimental and Foundation Studies at RISD. As of July 20, 143 faculty have signed up to participate in these sessions.

Most, if not all departments, remote and hybrid, are developing ‘kit’ solutions for students to ensure that no matter where they are, they have the materials at hand for learning and making progress in their education, assignments and projects. Departments are developing these kits with professional practices training in mind, and to prepare students for whatever curve balls might happen with future access to campus resources. Departments will be in touch with their majors with more information about their kit solutions. 

Video and Live Streaming Support
One of the most consistent requests we have received is the need for equipment and support for incorporating video and live streaming into curriculum, in both remote and on-campus applications. We are working on a robust set of campus tools for this, from dedicated video recording stations to standard classroom equipment that give faculty (and students) the tools to expand upon classroom content delivery and access.