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Meet the Directors

Mel Taing

mel taing '16 BFA Film/Video,
ALC Chair, Boston, MA

Mel Taing (she/her) is a Cambodian-American photographer & experimental filmmaker based in Boston. She received her BFA in Film/Video at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2016 and graduated with Departmental Honors. Mel creates portraiture that expresses the beauty of resilience. Her personal aesthetic is rooted in creating colorful environments that are filmic, dreamy and slightly surreal.

As a child of Cambodian refugees in America, Mel is deeply interested in visually exploring concepts of intergenerational trauma, racial identity, spirituality, and resilience in community. Mel’s notable collaborations include a project called BLACK, BROWN, OTHER -- a photo essay on the alienation of queer artists of color within their communities featured in Nylon Magazine and PREJUDICE IS A DISEASE, a photo series embodying concepts of Yellow Peril in the time of COVID-19 featured in The Boston Globe and Artscope Magazine. Mel has exhibited her photography in Brooklyn, NY, Boston, MA and Lowell, MA.

She also works as a photographer and Project Media Coordinator for the Comida Casera Project, an ongoing, multigenerational event using food and storytelling to connect women and create community.

Mel is an exhibition and event photographer for institutions such as ICA Boston, MIT List Visual Arts Center and the Peabody Essex Museum. Her museum work has been featured in The Boston Globe, ArtNet, Garage Magazine, and edibleBOSTON.

Why did you join the ALC?
I joined the ALC because I want to help alumni find resources they need to be successful artists and humans. MassArt doesn't always provide the best support to students to feel prepared for life after college, and I feel that the MassArt alumni community can foster that support for each other and make change for the institution to know how to better support their students and their alumni when they leave MassArt.

Advice to Recent Alums
After graduating, I struggled a lot with feeling unprepared and all around inadequate. Watching the successful careers of other artists around me, I felt that their success meant that I could never fulfill my own potential. That I would never be good enough or "make it." My greatest piece of advice would be 1) that the success of other artists is good for you. This is because they are helping to pave a path for you to be successful, too. You can learn from them and you'd be surprised at how happy they would be to teach you. And also, 2) what doesn't happen for you wasn't meant for you. Trust your path and don't let fear of failure stop you when you don't get a residency or gig. Keep trying and putting your energy out into the universe. It will always come back to you. <3

Sabrina Dorsainvil '12 BFA Industrial Design,
ALC Vice Chair, Boston, MA

Sabrina Dorsainvil (she/her) is an artist, designer and illustrator. She is currently the Director of Civic Design for the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. There she uses creative approaches to address issues within areas such as housing, public health, and human rights. She has collaborated with a range of organizations on projects around social, spatial, and environmental justice. She previously worked with the social impact design studio, Designing the We to create the traveling exhibition, Undesign the Redline, that exposes policies, practices and investments that perpetuate inequality in American cities. Her practice as a public artist and illustrator focuses on exploring people, facets of identity, deep reflection, storytelling and the celebration of our shared humanity. 

Sabrina has served as a visiting artist, panelist, educator and lecturer in a variety of spaces. She is a Neighborhood Salon Luminary and Polly Thayer Starr Visiting Artist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as well as a featured designer and exhibition advisor for Design Museum Everywhere’s “We Design: People. Practice. Progress.” Sabrina currently serves as a national board director for Creative Reaction Lab and is a member of the Guild of Future Architects. She has a BFA in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an MS in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons The New School of Design. 

Why did you join the ALC?
I reconnected with MassArt as a visiting artist/designer in several courses, as a partner in studio courses, as an adjunct professor and more. I saw current MassArt students, particularly BIPOC students, articulate similar struggles as alum. I see our capacity to have a positive, larger impact in our broader communities. I'm eager to address any pain points in our experience and celebrate our community of creatives wherever our paths take us.

Advice to Recent Alums 
A few thoughts: Don't expect to figure it all out immediately. Reflect on what you're interested in, where you hope to go, and what you're wrestling with others. (You'll find advocates in places you might not expect.) Remember that you can't get what you don't ask for and the worst you'll get in return is a no. Be tender with yourself and make space for caring for yourself and your community.

Jamie Andrade '08 BFA Studio Education,
ALC Secretary, Marlborough, MA

Jamie (she/her) is a 2017 Massachusetts State Universities Educator Alumni Award Winner with recognition from the State Senate for her work in Boston Public Schools. She now teaches visual art in Concord MA with Rivers and Revolutions, an experiential interdisciplinary High School program that serves METCO students from Concord, Carlisle and Boston. Her curriculum focuses on intersectional environmentalism through daily outdoor hikes on conservation lands and onsite artmaking activities. She is the founder of Marlborough Makers, a group of local creatives from the Central MA area committed to creating a culture of artmaking in that region. She is also a founding member of One Marlborough, a group of volunteer residents who are committed to making the city of Marlborough a place where equity and inclusion are at the forefront of every organization and institution while working to dismantle systems of oppression. Her recreational activities include raising hens and skating as a chapter manager for CIB Central Mass (Community In Bowls).

Why did you join the ALC?
As the first person in my family to attend college, Mass Art was incredibly supportive in my journey. I am excited to volunteer my time, expertise and resources to a college that has opened doors for me.

Advice to Recent Alums
One whose seeds have not sprouted does not give up planting. ~ Kenyan Proverb

Kelly Sherman ’02 BFA Sculpture,
Board Development Committee Chair (Former ALC Chair)
Cambridge, MA

Kelly Sherman (she/her) is a strategist with nearly two decades of experience helping advance innovation within organizations. Passionate about the power of design thinking, she brings a user-centered approach to her work with clients such as Brandeis University, The Boston Foundation, EdVestors, MIT’s List Visual Arts Center, and the New York Community Trust to facilitate strategic planning processes, identify new opportunities, pilot innovation-focused programs, and manage the cultural, operational, and programmatic efforts that result from organizational change and strategic planning directives.

Kelly has worked in a broad range of industries as a strategist at the innovation consultancy Continuum, working with clients such as UnitedHealth, SC Johnson & Family, Sprint, and American Express. Her favorite part of the work is conducting design research with a range of subjects including truckers in Tennessee, shop owners in Nanjing, homemakers in New Delhi, and yeshiva educators in Chicago. She has helped win a Gold IDEA Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America for design research and was a participant in MassChallenge as a start-up cofounder.

Kelly is also an ICA Foster Prize-winning visual artist whose work can be seen at the Barbara Krakow Gallery, Center Street Studio, in the collection of the ICA Boston, and on her website. She has exhibited numerous socially engaged public artworks in the Boston area and uses ethnographic research as a core part of her creative process. She currently serves as a member of the MIT List Visual Arts Center’s Advisory Committee and was previously a member of the Mayor’s Arts Task Force in Cambridge, and a trustee of the BSA Foundation.

Why did you join the ALC?
I once attended a fundraising workshop and was asked to participate in a role play activity. I had to pretend I was asking for a major gift for a worthy organization. It was hard. However once I imagined that the organization was MassArt, it felt fun, imperative, obvious. I stayed up all night thinking about how to get more involved in MassArt.

Advice to Recent Alums
Follow your own path wherever it leads and be willing to let it surprise you.

Dayanne Danier '99 BFA Fashion Design,
Outreach Committee Co-chair, Astoria, NY

Dayanne Danier (she/her) is a graduate from MassArt’s class of 1999 with a concentration in Fashion Design. Her background in the fashion industry extends over decades working as a designer for such companies like Blauer Manufacturing, Perry Ellis International, and Phillips-Van Heusen. Her designs have been manufactured in countries all around the world which include China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Peru, Africa, Vietnam, Korea, and Haiti.

Currently, Dayanne is the creative director behind the fashion lifestyle brand called Bien Abyé (means Well Dressed). The collection is a combination of French style with a Creole influence. It has been exhibited in fashion shows in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Trinidad, and Haiti and has been distributed nationwide in boutiques in New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, South Carolina, Austin and Dallas.

While achieving career success with her expertise in the arts and fashion, Dayanne spends much of her time giving back to the community both in the United States and in Haiti. She is the cofounder of the non-profit organization called Fleur De Vie (means Flower of Life) whose mission is to support struggling organizations which focus on implementing positive change in their community in the areas of education, health, and environmental sustainability in Haiti.  Underneath Dayanne’s leadership, Fleur De Vie empowers over 800 students, ages 5-18, through education. 

Over the years, she has also been a consultant in Haiti teaching artisan groups pattern drafting, construction, and quality control. She is a member of the organizations Haitian Roundtable and Haitian Women’s Collective. Dayanne is also a recipient of the Mayor of New York Immigrant Women Leaders Fellowship 2015. 

Why did you join the ALC?
I joined the ALC because I recognize the importance of art education in the person I've become today and I wanted to give back to MassArt as my way of saying thank you!

Advice to Recent Alums
This may be the most freely creative time in your life, remember it and cherish it for what it is.

Rosa Jiyoon Hyun '15 BFA Graphic Design,
Outreach Committee Co-chair, Seattle, Wa

Rosa Ji Yoon Hyun (she/her/hers) is a User Experience (UX) designer, born in Hanguk (South Korea), raised in Egypt, and living on the traditional land of the Coast Salish people (Seattle, WA). She is currently working at Amazon Pharmacy, designing pharmacy software systems for pharmacists, technicians, and Customer Care agents. Rosa has served in many leadership roles and has been a design mentor to many young creatives; she’s an artist and activist focused on fostering community grounded in social justice. Her love of the outdoors and traveling brings with it as deep respect for nature and the diversity of humans that navigate our planet.

Why did you join the ALC?
I joined ALC because I care deeply about community, connection, and collective love. I want to continue engaging with the larger MassArt community and bring our stories, our joy, our pain, our fears, our growth, and our healings together to improve, revolutionize, and expand on our role in this world as creatives.

Advice to Recent Alums
Getting comfortable with uncertainty cultivates more creativity; allow and make space for the unknown and practice how to swim in it.

Scarlett Hoey '12 BFA Art History & Photography,
Awards & Recognition Chair, Worcester, MA

Scarlett V. Hoey (she/her) is the Manager of Membership & Development at the New England Museum Association (NEMA) based in Arlington, Massachusetts. Since October 2017, she has been responsible for connecting NEMA’s 3,000 members to resources, coordinating sponsors for the Annual NEMA conference, and managing grants for the association. Prior to her role at NEMA she was the Program Manager for ArtsWorcester, a contemporary art gallery committed to exhibiting local and contemporary art free to the public in Worcester, Massachusetts. Outside of work, her photographs have been exhibited around Massachusetts at ArtsWorcester, the Fitchburg Art Museum, and the ValleyCAST The Spaulding R. Aldrich Heritage Gallery. In 2012, she received a BFA in Photography and History of Art from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. When she is not photographing you can find her exploring historic homes, cemeteries, and museums. 

Why did you join the ALC?
I joined the MassArt ALC in 2018 because I am passionate about MassArt and think the school has a great opportunity to reconnect with the incredibly talented pool of Alums. I also joined because I know MassArt can learn from Alums and engage with them in a way that is different than connecting with staff and faculty.

Advice to Recent Alums 
Don't be afraid to reach out and connect with fellow MassArt alum, we all have something in common and can share our experiences and learn from yours.

Melanie Chandler-Blood '10 BFA Ceramics
Boston, MA

Melanie Chandler-Blood (she/her) graduated MassArt in 2010 with a BFA in Ceramics. While at MassArt, she was heavily involved in student government and community outreach, showing her work throughout the city and getting involved in several projects and initiatives throughout the school. After graduating in 2010 Melanie attended Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching. She began her career as a High School Art Educator in one of the largest urban high schools on the East Coast, while also supporting the school leadership team in guiding students struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges. Melanie has presented at the National Art Education Association’s National Convention on “Curriculum with Criticality for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and over the past 10 yers has led workshops and professional development surrounding Visual Literacy and Critical Multicultural Education.

The fearless mentality MassArt instilled in Melanie recently led her to take a chance at a new career as a Creative Content Director with a leading Development & Design firm and Home renovation TV Show in the Boston area, while continuing her teaching at the MFA. She stays active in the MassArt community as a director on the Alumni Leadership Council and an active participant in the Annual Auction and as a reviewer at National Portfolio Day!

Why did you join the ALC?
I serve on the directors board of the Alumni Leadership Council at MassArt because it allows me to give back to the community. Massachusetts College of Art and Design was by far one of the best decisions I have made. It challenged my beliefs and thoughts and opened my mind up to so many new ideas. I want to continue that experience and inspire others the way that the MassArt Community inspires me.

Advice to Recent Alums
My advice to recent alumni is to never stop exploring, whether it is in your artwork, your career or in life in general, take that MassArt Fearless mentality with you and trust the journey.

Mariana Yanes Cabral '17 BFA Art Education, Massachusetts

Mariana Yanes Cabral is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and writer. Yanes Cabral works as a visual art teacher in public education, supporting children of multiple ages and platforming their voices.

Yanes Cabral's artwork explores nostalgia, introspection, race, and politics with both traditional and digital media—drawing, portraiture, bookbinding, watercolor, digital collage, embroidery, and performance. Raised as a translator through necessity, Yanes Cabral uses translation as a medium to critique dogma.

Why did you join the ALC? 
I have joined ALC to help fortify the community; To help platform and amplify the community's strengths, and to help support the community's growth. It is reflective work to look back at one's communities and seek to learn together.

Advice to Recent Alums 
Reach out and keep in touch with the community you developed in school; In it you will find both your database and your respite.

Robert Davison '89 BFA Graphic Design
Arlington, MA

Robert Davison (he/him) is a Relationship Manager and Creative Strategist for Raytheon Technologies. He is responsible for overseeing the account management team for the internal creative services department, who serve as primary points of contact into the agency and provide strategic communications and creative consulting to the organization.

Davison has an established track record building global brands and joined Raytheon with more than 20 years’ experience in brand strategy and management. Prior to Raytheon, he was the Creative Director at MathWorks, where he developed and maintained brand standards and led the creative development of several high-profile campaigns and product launches. Davison held numerous creative leadership roles at Northeastern University where he oversaw the design, editorial, and digital teams and helped oversee the execution of the institutional brand strategy to transform the University’s reputation from a local safety school into a nationally recognized, top ranked institution. 

Davison earned an M.F.A. from Boston University and received his B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He attended the Brissago Program in Switzerland through Yale University where he studied with Paul Rand and Armin Hofmann. 

Davison is an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he teaches an advanced-level graphic design and visual communication. He has presented at design conferences throughout the United States and has received recognition from organizations including AIGA, Type Directors Club, How Magazine, Print Magazine, UCDA, CASE, Hatch Awards, and the Webby Awards. 

Why did you join the ALC? 
It has been exciting to witness the ongoing transformation of MassArt over the years. I welcome the opportunity to use my skills to further strengthen the MassArt alumni community and contribute to the institution’s ongoing and vibrant evolution.

Advice to Recent Alums
Open yourself to new experiences and viewpoints but let your inner voice and unique point of view hold you steady as you navigate uncharted waters.

Gail A. Hendricks-Hill '75 BFA Art & Design
Mashpee, MA

Gail Hendricks - Hill (she/her), BFA, M.Ed.
- Elementary School Art Teacher, Town of Mashpee (Retired)
- Massachusetts Commissioner on Indian Affairs (currently, appointed in 2010)
- Mass College of Art Alumni Leadership Council Member (currently)
- Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council Board of Directors (served 14 years)
- MWTribe Juvenile Justice Department Director
- Native Tribal Scholars Program Director (UMass Boston/MWTribe)
- NYCP/Native Youth Program Manager (MWTribe Education Department)
- Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum Cultural Interpreter
- Plimouth Plantation Cultural Interpreter & Education Department Teacher

Why did you join the ALC?
With my many years of art education and cultural experience, I wanted to share that with the ALC.

Advice to Recent Alums 
Know why you want to be an artist, or a storyteller, or a teacher.  Then tell the world who and where you are through your art.

Ed Malouf  '85 BFA Graphic Design & Photography
Scituate, MA

Ed Malouf is from the Newton/Brighton area west of Boston, oldest of five to parents who were first and second generation in-country. Married outside the clan by meeting a fellow MassArt student, Carol is Photography, Class of '83. Practiced graphic design in an architectural environment, just as I had hoped, but obtained a graduate degree in product design to more fully realize my three-dimensional skills. This brought me into the world of interpretive exhibit design where I could have the human narratives of an editorial graphic designer with the environmental challenges of space, light, media, and human interaction.

Why did you join the ALC? 
To learn more about other MassArt Alumni and to expand my network of creatives outside of my particular profession.

Advice to Recent Alums
Find your niche and give yourself over to it.

Leila Lee Mitchell '03 MFA Dynamic Media Institute (DMI)
Milton, MA

As Founder and Creative Director of LLM, Leila Mitchell (she/her) is an expert at communicating identity and information to shape experiences that connect people to place. With more than 25 years of design experience in a variety of disciplines, her process begins with engaging the collective voice and ends with capturing the audience in a compelling story. Whether it is environmental graphics design, wayfinding and signage programs, marketing campaigns, or branded interiors, Leila turns the design focus onto the participants who will be sharing the built environment. Recent and current clients include The Skating Club of Boston, Craft Food Hall Project, Longfellow Real Estate Partners, and Ginkgo Bioworks. Leila earned a B.S. in Architecture from The University of Virginia and an M.F.A. from The Dynamic Media Institute at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Prior to founding her own business, she was a Creative Director and Associate Principal at Neoscape, a creative agency for real estate marketing, for six years. Leila is also currently a professor of design at Wentworth Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Design, and is a Board Member of the Design Museum Everywhere, for which she was recently selected to chair its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

Why did you join the ALC? 
To connect alums with the school's larger strategic plans. To give back to my alma mater and community network.

Advice to Recent Alums
Don't seek traditional avenues to find a job. Focus on what you do well, what your passion is, and design your career path toward a fulfilled life.