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COVID-19 Update

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MassArt ‘20-’21 Continuity Task Force

We cannot finalize our plans for the fall semester until we know all federal, state and local health and safety requirements and how MassArt will address them. We are closely following the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),the MA Executive Office of Education (EOE), Department of Higher Education (DHE), and the MA Department of Public Health (DPH).

Curriculum plans are evolving with many details and questions to be considered and resolved. The MassArt Continuity Task Force, with input from faculty, staff and students, will further this work and provide updates through cross-campus communication. Please continue to work with your departments or contact

Coordinated by Maureen Keefe, Vice President of Student Development, the Continuity Task Force is made up of eight (8) hubs. It is designed to better distribute collaborative work and information as the college strives to best meet the needs of our community in the next academic year.


All considered through the lens of justice and equity:

  • Safety and well-being of the campus community members
  • Creative, engaging, impactful curricular and intra-curricular experience for students
  • Financial model that supports priorities
  • Attention to recruitment and retention
  • Transparent and clear communication to community
  • Identification of outside resources to support faculty, staff and students

The Hubs will:

  • Each has their charge (please see below).
  • Meet weekly, and be organized by a Project Manager (PM).
  • Each has at least one Cabinet member who will serve as a liaison to increase clear and efficient communication.
  • Will attend to inclusion of students for consultation or informing prior to any final recommendations are made. (In particular, the hubs notated with an “*” are encouraged to recruit a couple of students to be in that group to ensure that the student voice is represented and directly heard.)
  • Involve faculty, through a process that will be in consultation with the faculty union.
  • Will identify and document resources needs related to their charge.

Project Managers (PM) will:

  • Be organizers and communicators who enable and support hub members to lead and perform their tasks, research, etc in order to provide deliverables
  • Meet weekly with Cabinet on Wednesday mornings for the start of Cabinet meetings to share updates on the hubs’ work, progress, and questions

Cabinet will:

  • Listen and review proposals and recommendations for decision making that come from the hubs.
  • Provide next steps / actions / recommendations to the hub PMs.

Cabinet members* include: Kym Pinder, Bob Perry, Maureen Keefe, Marjorie O’Malley, Dan Serig, Lucinda Bliss, Susana Segat, Gina Yarborough, Lauren Wilshusen, Ceci Méndez-Ortiz, Lyssa Palu-ay, and Kate Russell.

As our entire MassArt community has already shown, we are in an opportune moment to consider innovative ways of working. For example, hubs need not feel restricted by traditional ways of meeting, specifically that meetings are the only or primary way to meet objectives. There are many ways to gather information in order to inform and share among the group, and to develop proposals for the Cabinet. Project managers will work with hub members to arrive at the best ways of working for each group. It’s also important to note that this is not new work per se; much of this is bringing together and amplifying amazing work that is already happening. AchieveIt will serve as a project management tool and be used to communicate / post relevant links and materials for each hub.

On a final note, the Task Force is strongly encouraged to use the term “physical distancing” instead of the more prevalent “social distancing.” Words matter so much, and even though we have not been able to be physically together, we are figuring new ways to be social and connected across many platforms. This slight but important shift is aligned with the college’s values of community and is also a more accurate description of what is being asked in relation to safety measures.

Thank you as always for your consideration, participation, and ingenuity as we come together in service of our entire community.

Hub Constituents

    • Charge: Partner with departments to establish high quality instructional delivery in modalities that meet safety needs.

      - Lucinda Bliss, Dean of Graduate Studies*
      - Rose Glennon, Director of Academic Operations (PM)
      - Karen Hampton, Faculty (FA3D)
      - James Mason, Dean of Faculty
      - Department Chairs
      - Saul Nava, Faculty (Liberal Arts)
      - Patrick O’Connor, CIO / Assistant VP Technology
      - Ernie Plowman, Associate Dean, Academic Administration
      - Studio Manager
      - Dan Serig, Interim Provost*
    • Charge: Provide budget parameters, receive and evaluate operational needs.

      - Bob Perry, VP, Administration & Finance*
      - Kathy Calnan, Executive Director of Advancement
      - Peggy Maki, Executive Assistant, Administration & Finance
      - Jack McDonald, Director Business Office & Operations (PM)
      - Kristen Heintz-Perkins, Director of Institutional Grants
      - Katie Riel, Acquisition & Serials Librarian
      - Gina Spaziani, Associate VP, Administration & Finance
      - Maryellen Schroeder, Director, Career Development
      - Lauren Wilshusen, Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management*
    • Charge: Ensure safety per State / City directives, including signage, sanitation, testing/tracing

      - Kyle Brock, Assistant Director, Academic Planning
      - Joe Connelly, Assistant Director of Facilities (PM)
      - Eric Dusseault, Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center (ARC)
      - Dwayne Farley, Chief, Public Safety
      - Jim Gallivan, Facilities Manager, Capstone
      - Kenlyn Jones, Assistant Professor, Fashion Design
      - Howie LaRosee, Assistant VP, Administration & Finance
      - Claudia LeClair, Director, College & Visiting Events
      - Charbra Parkman, Director, Capstone
      - Bob Perry, VP, Administration & Finance*
      - Ernie Plowman, Associate Dean, Academic Administration
      - Evelyn Rydz, Associate Professor, Studio Foundation
    • Charge: Ensure opportunities for engagement that support success and retention. Assess and address emerging & emergency needs. Create processes that are equitable to access support.

      - Dana Alsamsam, Annual Giving Coordinator
      - Brenda Bailey, Assistant Director, Justice, Equity & Transformation (JET)
      - Elena Belle White, Associate Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships
      - Alisa Chapman, Executive Director, Compliance
      - Megan Cronin, Assistant Director, Alumni
      - Amber Davis Tourlentes, Associate Professor, Studio Foundation - Laura Flynn, Director, Transition & Leadership Programs
      - Foundation Faculty representative
      - Jocelyn Gomes, Associate Director, Student Financial Services
      - Sophie Jampel, Assistant Director, College & Visiting Events (PM)
      - Jennie Knott, Interim Director, Counseling & Wellness
      - Lyssa Palu-ay, Dean, JET
      - Erica Puccio-O'Brien, Director, International Education Center
      - Maryellen Schroeder, Director of Career Development
      - Liz Smith-Freedman, Associate Dean, Academic Resource Center (ARC)
    • Charge: Address issues/needs of remote work. Ensure support for our new work environment with health and safety as a primary focus.

      - John Ashworth-King, Director of Client Services IT
      - Corey Corcoran, Associate Director, Admissions
      - Craig Evans, Administrative Services, AFSCME Representative
      - Francine Femino, Director Facilities
      - Carolyn Jackson, Administrative Assistant, CACP
      - Susan McNeil, Studio Manager/Fibers, APA Representative
      - Velda McRae-Yates, Executive Director, Human Resources
      - Kathryn Oram, Director, Benefits & Payroll
      - Jessica Petriello (JP), Academic Advisor
      - Kathryn Riel, Acquisitions Librarian, MCA Representative
      - Susana Segat, Chief of Staff
      - Alica Stanne, Administrative Assistant/Academic Affairs, AFSCME Representative
      - Gina Yarbrough, General Counsel
      - Chloe Zaug, Associate Director, MAAM (PM)
    • Charge: Develop occupancy plan. Establish process for assignments and communication plan.

      - Jamie Glanton Costello, AVP/Dean of Students
      - Maureen Keefe, VP, Student Development
      - Howie LaRosee, AVP Administration & Finance
      - Danielle Licitra, Sr. Director Housing & Residence Life (PM)
      - Charbra Parkman, Director, Capstone
      - Ernie Plowman, Associate Dean, Academic Administration
      - Nathan Sherman, Administrative Assistant, Housing & Residence Life
      - Gina Spaziani, AVP Administration & Finance
      - Gina Yarbrough, General Counsel (advice on contracts/agreement)
    • Charge: As plans/information are ready to be delivered, create communication and delivery modes (emails, Town Halls, etc.)

      - Ellen Carr, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications
      - Marie-Claire Dumornay, Administrative Assistant, ARC
      - Nicky Enriquez, Associate Director of Digital Media, Marketing & Communications
      - Candis Hilton, Administrative Assistant History of Art
      - Ceci Méndez-Ortiz, Executive Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships
      - Rebecca Morrison, Graduate Programs, Marketing Coordinator (PM)
      - Marjorie O’Malley, VP, Institutional Advancement
      - Coleen Palencia, Administrative Assistant, Admissions
      - Lisa Tung, Executive Director MAAM
    • Charge: Serve as project management team utilizing AchieveIt and other information platforms.

      - Julie Barrett, Director of Project Management, (PM)
      - Karalynn Gau, Executive Director, IREP
      - Jocelyn Gomes, Associate Director, Student Financial Services
      - Hui-Ling Chen, Director of Reporting & Analytics, IREP
      - Peggy Maki, Executive Assistant A&F
      - Kate Rusell, Director of Operations, President’s Office
      - Susana Segat, Chief of Staff, President’s Office