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Fall 2020

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Hybrid & Remote Learning

All of our efforts for the fall term have centered around two important, concurrent and competing needs, both of which required balanced and thoughtful consideration:

1) Health and Safety
Including safe physical distancing, de-densification of campus, minimizing direct contact, contact tracing, cleaning and disinfection, and equitable access

2) Making campus available as a learning and teaching resource
Including: class time, studio access, access to tools/equipment, and study spaces 

All courses have been given a designation to help students understand the nature of the course, Remote or Hybrid. These designations help clarify whether a course is offered completely online as 'Remote,' or whether there is some portion of the class that requires on campus delivery as 'Hybrid.' Those courses that could be offered remotely without impacting teaching and learning have been given the 'remote' designation to allow for the space and time needed to address 'hybrid' needs on campus. 

Remote Learning
MassArt has chosen to use the term 'remote' rather than 'online' learning because online teaching and learning connotes a student only interacting with a screen. Remote encompasses a more multimodal approach wherein students are being challenged to engage with content, materials, and their environment in new and innovative ways. Faculty are creating imaginative new approaches to their courses. They are taking advantage of various remote platforms, software, and materials that can be used off campus to offer students the opportunities necessary to achieve the high expectations and learning goals we have for them. And, we are using creating virtual access to digital spaces in ways we have never done before.

Hybrid Learning
All courses scheduled on-campus will have some combination of hybrid delivery, meaning part of the course will be offered on campus, and part of the course will be delivered remotely. Hence, the term ‘Hybrid’. In many cases, studio based courses and instruction are inextricably bound to studios and equipment, but some components of the course can be delivered in less traditional ways through remote access in real time or as asynchronous content. In this way, the time spent on campus is centered around access to the tools and resources needed to complete classwork or projects. 

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