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Housing Fall 2021 Information


The Housing and Residence Life staff, in collaboration with our property management company and other members of the college, will provide a safe environment with specific protection measures that will be strictly enforced.  Physical distancing practices, face coverings, small gatherings for residential activities, and adjusted policies including new behavioral norms are expected to continue in some form. We continue to evaluate recommendations, suggestions, and best practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Public Health (DPH), and the Massachusetts Governor’s Reopening Advisory Board.

With vaccinations becoming available to almost all individuals nationwide and a full year of COVID-19 lessons learned and effectively implemented behind us, we are confident in our ability to create a safe, living and learning experience for all our students living in campus housing.

The below adjustments will remain in place throughout the fall semester.  There are likely to be additional expectations shared with you prior to your commitment to on-campus housing.  Additionally, what is planned for now may change at any given time. We ask students to remain flexible and patient as we continue to adjust to new information and guidelines.


We are pleased to move forward with a housing operation that allows for a greater number of students to live in campus housing. With the requirement of vaccinations, we will return to regular occupancies within rooms. This includes singles, doubles, and we are now reintroducing triples.

Residential Living Guidelines

  • Safety and well-being will remain at the forefront of our operation. 
  • Moving forward with increased occupancy in each residence hall (Standard doubles will be reintroduced to the residential program and triples will be offered).
  • Moving forward with increased in-person, small group, residential activities (both inside & outside).
  • Opportunities to engage with other residential students while building connections and a sense of belonging.
  • Congregations in rooms, floor lounges, workrooms and lobby spaces will likely be increased but may still have restrictions on the number of individuals in spaces.
  • The Guest Policy will allow for visitors in suites/apartments and common areas (dependent on public health guidelines). All residential students (regardless of building. For example: a Smith student can visit a Treehouse student) are NOT required to wear a mask. All non-residential students must wear a mask. 
  • Continued commitment to building an inclusive environment grounded in justice, equity, and diversity.
  • Expectations of social responsibility that we will ask you to accept and apply within our community. 
  • The Residence Life team will center their  practice with care and compassion given the experiences, challenges, drive, and passions students bring to MassArt and their living experience.

Read the Residential Living Guidelines

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing support to the many living in on-campus Housing. We want to provide a first-year experience that helps build a sense of belonging within our community. For returning students who spent their entire first year remote and are joining the residential community, we want to focus on building connections through the ongoing in-person academic work you will be experiencing as well as experiencing campus life for the first time.  For upper-class students, we want to support a thriving experience that pushes you through successful pathways as you begin to deepen your understanding of Art & Design.


When socializing outside your suite/unit/apartment or off-campus, you must:  wear a mask, stay at least six (6) feet apart, wash your hands often, and gather outside or with a window(s) open if possible. Mask wearing, distance, hygiene, and ventilation are all proven ways to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in all gatherings. All residential students will be under surveillance testing.


All residential students are required to be fully vaccinated prior to moving on to campus. According to the CDC, fully vaccinated is two weeks after the second dose of a two-dose series or single-dose vaccine. All FDA and WHO approved vaccines will be accepted.  For more information, please visit the Student Vaccination Requirement webpage of the College’s COVID-19 Reopening Fall Plan.


We will be implementing checkpoints at the Residence Hall entrances to make sure you are “Clear” on your CoVerified app. This is just one of the safety measures we have in place to make sure we are keeping everyone on campus safe and healthy. Please be prepared to show your CoVerified app whenever you enter a residence hall. If you are “Restricted” on CoVerified, you will not be able to access other dorms.


We know that many students share the same safety measures and have kept their social circle small to reduce exposure within their household (suite/apartment). Now it is imperative that you come together as a household to discuss the level of comfort each member of your household has with inviting guests into your shared space (in and between residence halls). We expect residents to remain respectful about individual levels of comfort. Our ResLife staff can assist in offering creative solutions if you are finding it difficult to navigate through these conversations in a respectful manner. This discussion must take place prior to any visitors entering the suite/apartment.


Residence Hall Policy Handbook and Community Standards will add an addendum specifically addressing community health protocols, expectations, and policies. Violations that are directly associated with public health safety protocols and procedures will likely result in separation of residence halls.