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Spring 2021

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The Housing and Residence Life staff, in collaboration with Capstone Property Management and other members of the institution, have focused primarily on creating safer environments with specific protection measures that will be strictly enforced. At the core of these measures will include physical distancing practices, limited residential gatherings for activities and adjusted policies including new behavioral norms.  Students will need to demonstrate agency in social responsibility, and mutual respect for the health & well-being of others within their community/suite/bedroom.

Following public health guidelines, we will only be able to offer single and limited double-occupancy housing units, so our overall housing capacity will be reduced.

The below are adjustments that we are confident will remain in place throughout the fall semester.  There are likely to be additional expectations that will be outlined and shared with you prior to your commitment to on-campus housing. Additionally, what is planned for now may change at any given time. Unfortunately we all must ask students to remain flexible and patient as we continue to adjust to new information and guidelines.

Do Your Part

Due to the public health challenges related to COVID-19, students in MassArt residence halls will experience a new way of campus life and engagement. Our goal is to create a safer environment that contributes to decreased exposure and avoiding infection. 

Download the New Residence Guidelines

updated guidelines as of november 30, 2020
  • We will allow one MassArt resident student at a time to visit another suite/apartment in any MassArt residence hall, including Rodgers Hall. This means a resident from Smith hall can visit a resident in the Tree House (or any other MassArt residence hall they don’t live in).
    • In order to support this change, all residents will now need to be tested weekly.  
    • Individuals not living in a MassArt residence hall will not be permitted access beyond the lobby of each building.
    • No overnight guests will be allowed.
    • We will allow no more than 10 students to gather in common area spaces in the residence halls. The number of students allowed will depend on the common area space. Signs will be adjusted with appropriate numbers.
    • Several small groups (from any residence hall) can hang out in the lounges/lobby area of the Artists Residence, Tree House, and Smith Hall.
  • Physical distancing policies will be strictly enforced and include the expectation of wearing masks outside of the unit/apartment/suite.
  • Hallways/stairways will be considered "one-way" foot traffic.
  • Residence Life and Capstone staff members will work together to monitor community spaces. Limited access in workrooms and lounges will be planned for a low-density occupancy. However, if we move to a higher-density occupancy, it is likely that some workrooms/lounges will be off-line. In either case, lounge/workroom space will be off-line after the cleaning staff leave. Once they return, common area spaces will be reopened.  If we find that residential students are having difficulty with following physical distancing guidelines, lounges may be taken off-line. As an alternative, a sign-up system may be instituted for common area space usage to ensure that social distancing is being practiced.
  • Elevators will be restricted to 2 persons at a time. Stairs are encouraged. 
  • No personal belongings will be allowed in bathrooms.
  • Residence Hall Policy Handbook and Community Standards will add an addendum specifically addressing community health protocols, expectations, and policies.
  • Kitchenware should be kept to a minimum. It will be left up to residents in the space to come up with a plan on shared use and cleaning expectations.
  • Students will be limited in what they bring on-campus. Please plan for packing only 1 sedan or SUV. If we need to evacuate and separate students, having less belongings to pack and move will benefit the student/family and operation.

COVID-19 Protocols Continue

When socializing within your suite/unit/apartment or off-campus, you should wear a mask, stay at least six (6) feet apart, wash your hands often, and gather outside or with a window(s) open if possible. Mask wearing, distance, hygiene, and ventilation are all proven ways to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in all gatherings. You are expected to test weekly as well: your CoVerified status will be “Restricted” if you are not testing weekly and you will not be able to visit other residence halls. Learn more about the "Restricted" status on CoVerified. 

Residence Hall Safety Check-Ins

We will be implementing checkpoints at the Residence Hall entrances to make sure you are “Clear” on your CoVerified app. This is just one of the safety measures we have in place to make sure we are keeping everyone on campus safe and healthy. Please be prepared to show your CoVerified app whenever you enter a residence hall. If you are “Restricted” on CoVerified, you will not be able to access other dorms.

“Household Guests” Discussion is Step 1

We know that many students share the same safety measures and have kept their social circle small to reduce exposure within their household (suite/apartment). Now it is imperative that you come together as a household to discuss the level of comfort each member of your household has with inviting guests into your shared space. We expect residents to remain respectful about individual levels of comfort. Our ResLife staff can assist in offering creative solutions if you are finding it difficult to navigate through these conversations in a respectful manner. This discussion must take place prior to any visitors entering the suite/apartment.

Community Standards Continue

Please keep in mind, violating the Guest Policy is a violation of MassArt community standards and may be seen as an intentional act of harm to others. Temporary or permanent dismissal from housing will be considered as disciplinary action. Additionally, if the COVID-19 Operations team begins to see increases in residential cases, stepping back to a more restrictive guest policy may become necessary.