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Fall 2020

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Student Galleries

Student Galleries


Allows our students to display their work, curate exhibitions and work collaboratively in order to familiarize them with the gallery setting over the course of their education, provides a way for the public to enjoy the artwork of our students.

Mission Statement

Student Galleries at MassArt offers students an opportunity to share their work with the MassArt community and the public. Exhibiting work at MassArt is a great chance to gain the exposure and skills necessary for professional life in the art world. The Galleries reflect the diversity and innovation within this school. Students who exhibit in the Student Galleries learn new skills and new perspectives of the college as a community.

Our mission is to encourage our peers to participate in the opportunities that the school offers. The galleries are run with the precedence of a professional gallery and there is so much to be learned by getting involved. Our main focus is simply to allow the students to gain public recognition for the hard work that they create within their time at Massart.

We plan on offering twenty-four available time slots for the galleries during the fall semester. We are introducing online submissions in order to help the students submit their work in an easier fashion. Each show will be open to the public and will have the opportunity to have a reception. Our ultimate goal is to continuously fill the galleries every week with a variety of student work.


Meeting Schedule

This semester, we will be focusing on curating online gallery shows. Be on the lookout for Calls For Art and be sure to submit! View an example of one of MassArt's online gallery shows.