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Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)



The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) undergraduate major is intended for student artists interested in a curriculum that supports idea-centered, interdisciplinary, and non-media specific artistic practice, along-side collaboration and self-governance.

Hybrid learning practices are supported as individuals question form and discover their goals as artists. This discovery occurs while students are engaged in a participatory educational experiment where they have the opportunity to shape their learning experience as well as their community. They do this by holding town meetings and using social media to make decisions about the program, including: the content being presented; course offerings; scheduling of events; how budget money is spent; and how to critique student work.

SIM is dedicated to facilitating a community of innovators; through a diverse arts-based curriculum, SIM is able to enrich the minds of its students and prepare students for a career in the art world. By participating in SGA, we continue to create a more cohesive school. We aim to promote the creation of new media and socially engaged art. We also are committed to facilitating the department wide SIM Big Show and helping SIM students plan and facilitate their own large scale events.