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Queer Artists Collective (QAC)

Queer Artists Collective

Our Purpose:

MassArt's Queer Artists Collective (QAC) brings many opportunities for all students that are part of the LGBTGIAA community to take part in discussions, bring awareness of the queer community, attend fun events on campus, and take part in trips to places around Boston and beyond! This will be a safe place that is accepting of everyone and it will make MassArt into an even more accepting and queer friendly campus.

Our Mission Statement: 

The Queer Artist Union will be a group where all students who consider themselves a part of the LGBTQIAA community can come together to discuss positive action happening on campus, the resources that are available, and what needs to be done to make MassArt a safe environment where there is no discrimination, harassment or intolerance. This group will plan events and trips that raise awareness, bring the community together, to meet with other college's groups, and to have fun.