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Phenom Chapter


Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM) was founded in 2007. 

PHENOM works towards 5 goals:

  1. Fund public higher education
  2. Make it affordable
  3. Make it accessible to all
  4. Hire more faculty/staff
  5. Expand democratic institutions of governance in public higher ed (SGA/student organizations)

PHENOM unites the faculty, staff, students, and others within community colleges and state universities to create one powerful voice for the public higher education community of Massachusetts. By networking colleges together, these voices come together to create real change in our legislation and state by advocating for our needs at the state house and beyond.

PHENOM MassArt Chapter

The MassArt chapter of PHENOM was just created in March of 2016. MassArt SGA President Alex Nally '16 BFA SIM connected student Stephanie Houten '18 BFA Film/Video with PHENOM's executive director Natalie Higgins at the PHENOM Advocacy Day 2016 event.

Stephanie had the opportunity to speak at the event about her experiences at MassArt and Bunker Hill Community College, sharing her story on community and the personal benefits she had from attending public higher education institutions.

Stephanie then decided that advocacy should continue year-round, so she recruited more MassArt students to form an official chapter through SGA. She and Nathalie Currier '17 BFA Art Education are the representatives of the chapter, with SIM Professor Dana Moser as faculty representative.

The chapter is always looking to network with students in and outside of MassArt. Please message this blog account to communicate with us any questions, ideas, or suggestions.