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Fall 2020

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MassArt Philanthropy Program (MAPP)

MassArt Philanthropy Program

Are you interested in becoming more involved at MassArt through a leadership opportunity, while also helping out your peers in a fun way?


The purpose of MAPP is to educate, engage and excite current MassArt students about the importance and impact of supporting MassArt after graduation and prepare students to be active and engaged participants in the alumni community. 

  • Educate: To educate MassArt students about the impact donors make on their education.
  • Engage: To engage students in a meaningful way by building a culture of philanthropy and empowering them to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the College.
  • Excite: To excite students about joining the alumni community so they continue to strengthen their life long connection with MassArt


MassArt is a public independent college of art and design. Only 60% of a MassArt education is covered by state appropriation and student charges. That means the other 40% of your education has to be covered by donations from generous alumni, parents, and friends of the College. As a student, when you show you care about art education, you inspire our community! Monetary donations are not the only way to give back after graduation, volunteering your time and talent also make a huge impact on future generations of MassArt students.


  • Educate students about all the ways they can give back to MassArt after graduation (Time, Talent, Donations).
  • Work towards a student donor goal by raising pocket change for scholarships
  • Promote community on campus by building a culture of philanthropy (a.k.a. paying it forward)
  • Help manage fundraisers such as Day of Giving
  • Host fun events like movie nights and senior brunch on campus to talk about philanthropy and giving back

It’s all about participation and fun events!


You can give pocket change to support scholarships through the MassArt Annual Fund. Everything raised supports student scholarships and increases the total number of scholarships we can award next year. The main focus of MAPP is participation; the act of donating and showing how much you care about our community is more important than the amount of money you donate.

Contact: Interested parties should contact Julia Crane, Director of Annual Giving, for more information.