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Industrial Design

Industrial Design SGA

Industrial Design (ID) is dedicated to advocacy, education, community, and information in industrial design. This group focuses on discussing and sharing the impact of industrial design on our daily lives. ID works closely with IDSA and encourages new designers at MassArt to collaborate and learn from each other.

ID strives to bring fellow industrial design majors together in order to discuss the role of design in society. ID also explores how we, as new designers, can add to the ever changing world of product design. The hope of ID is to maintain a sense of community within the major and across all levels of learning.

Our group comes together to give back to the MassArt community through reaching out to designers and speakers of current relevance to give informational talks at MassArt. We also hold the 15 hours of glory design challenge at MassArt.

Our ID SGA group aims to bring people into our community for students to both learn from and be inspired by. We aim to source the most current designs and innovative thinking for our community of creators.