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Game Design Club

Game Design Club



MassArt Game Design Club seeks to instruct and provide a community for MassArt students who are interested in game development.

We are a club based around making games. The club hosts workshops where students can learn different aspects of game development, including pixel art, working in Blender and Maya, coding in Unity, navigating life in the game development industry, and more. We try to create fun learning experiences where the students can walk away with something they've made.

We aim to give students the resources necessary to create their own games. Students will be able to learn many aspects of game making and use that in their own work.

In addition, the club has also helped MassArt students meet with programmers at Northeastern who are in need of artists. Some of the students have been paid for their work they have contributed. Others have created games that have been put up on the iPhone app and Android stores.

All our meetings are open to the public, and all our meetings require no previous experience in game development. When they come to our club, all MassArt students have the chance to learn game development, programming and art design.

Mission Statement

Game Design Club seeks to create a fun, productive learning environment for all MassArt students, with productive workshops on game development, art, design, and life in the game development industry.