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Fashion Design

Fashion SGA


We are representing the Fashion Design major, and as the SGA reps for the major we strive to be the voice for the students in this department as well as work together with the school & community to make the college a better place for everyone.

The Fashion Department is a well versed department that combines all forms of art to create garments, textiles, wearable art, etc. Our goal is to get everyone involved/spread the word about what we are all about whether it is the students, different departments or the community.

Our mission is to keep the Fashion Department involved with the rest of the student body and to make sure we are helping our fellow classmates in anything they need assistance with. This includes, but is not limited to, planning fabric trips for projects, and helping them in voicing their opinions for any matter. To have active participation in our college community as well as open lines of communication about things happening on campus and things happening within the Fashion Department.