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Black Artist's Union

Artists of Color Union

The purpose of this group is to create a space for Black students to safely express ideas and receive cultural affirmation. Currently, MassArt does not have a student organization where issues that impact and ideologies which influence Black people are centralized and analyzed critically. The negative impacts on individuals in spaces where core components of their identity are not celebrated and analyzed, but are in fact trivialized, causes them to feel a disconnect while in those spaces. This organization will hopefully inspire a sense of belonging that many of Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Black students feel is missing.

The primary purpose of the Black Artists Union is to promote a sense of community among student members of the Global Black Body and facilitate bridge building between Black students of not only Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but the Colleges of the Fenway, the ProArts Consortium and beyond. We are a transgenerational group which relies on both students and alumni to function successfully. Our goals are to foster cultural awareness through intellectual and political discourse and critically examine social structures and cultural norms.