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Architecture SGA

In MassArt’s Architecture Department students are given a well-rounded education to prepare them for life in the field. Students take courses in design, sculpture, history and mathematics specific to architecture. In these courses, students learn both hand and computer drafting, as well as design and building methods.

Classes are taught in the classrooms and studios, as well as on the hypothetical sites of a number of the projects that the students are working on in class. The Architecture and the Industrial Design Departments share the 10th floor of Tower. The floor as a whole is like one big family in which everyone is always happy to offer help and ideas to their peers within and outside of their majors.

The purpose of the Architecture Department is to inspire students to create innovative designs for a more sustainable future, as well as encouraging lasting relationships and connections that will help students to succeed in the world after graduation.

We are here to push the MassArt Architecture department forward for the advancement of the program and MassArt's Design majors as a whole.