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Anti-Racism Learning Community Project

Students in the DMC


This past fall, Student Development and Academic Affairs partnered to create the Anti-Racism Dialogue Group Project (ARDGP). You may have contributed at an information session. After months of planning, the project is ready to launch! 

The ARDGP is meant to increase our capacity to have courageous conversations about race and racism that affect the way we teach, learn, work, and live with one another. This approach is grounded in the belief that individual change is necessary to address the racism we are all living with.

The ARDGP is being led by a team of faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to changing the culture at MassArt in community with others. These facilitators have been through an intensive training workshop to help prepare them to host and facilitate these topics through structured experiences that encourage individual reflection and empathetic listening. This work will be challenging and, we hope, transformative.

The facilitators are committed to creating new and innovative spaces for cohorts of 12 - 14 to gather and explicitly discuss race and share manifestations of racism at MassArt and beyond. Hopefully, participants will develop new self-awareness, and explore new ways to productively engage in difficult conversations. We cannot be a unified community, if we're all not part of the conversation. 

the experience

Each cohort will work together through three experiences with the following themes:

  • Racial Identity Development
  • Aspects of the History of Race and Racism
  • Courageous Conversations 

The Numbers

There will be 6 cohorts led by teams of 3-4 trained facilitators. Each cohort will be comprised of 12 -14 participants.

The Commitment

Once you sign-up for a group, you are committing to engage in all three experiences.

Join a cohort

Questions? Comments? 

Please contact one of the Organizing Coordinators listed below: