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Anti-Racism Dialogues

Students in the DMC

We invite faculty, staff, and students to participate in the second year of the Anti-Racism Dialogues. Knowing that race and discussions about race are complicated and important, these Anti-Racism Dialogues are rooted in the affinity space approach. These spaces will help us build capacity to relate across difference.
An affinity dialogue group for people who identify as People of Color or of African/Asian/Native American/Afro-Caribbean, Latinx and Afro-Latinx heritage will a create a space for healing and belonging.
An affinity dialogue group for people who identify as White, Caucasian, or of European heritage will create a space for courageous conversations.

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Past, Present, & Future of Representation & Critique in Art and Design Education 

Person of Color Identified Facilitators:

  • Zayra Campos, Ja’hari Ortega & Lyssa Palu-ay
  • Stacy Arman, Jessica Rae-Mendoza, Rico St. Paul

White Identified Facilitators:

  • Ben Ryterband, Courtney Stock, Amber Tourlentes
  • Gretchen Skogerson, Dan Szabo

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