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How long does it take to complete the certificate?
The certificate is comprised of ten credit classes (not including the two non-credit prerequisite classes). If you are able to take two classes each semester year round you will be able to complete the certificate program in two years. Within reason, you may take as long as you need. Taking only one class each semester, you would complete the certificate in about three years.

What will the certificate cost?
Certificate students pay for each individual class at the time of course enrollment. Taking the entire sequence of ten courses would currently cost approximately $14,000. The cost of each course is approximately $1,400.

Can I transfer MassArt or another institution's credits into the Certificate Program?
Because the courses in the certificate are tightly integrated with one another, you must complete all required courses here at MassArt and North Bennet Street School. You may, however take up to six credits in the Certificate Program sequence before you are accepted and transfer them in.

Is financial aid available to certificate students?
Yes. Students enrolled in a minimum of six credits are eligible to apply for financial aid as well as student loans. Visit the Financial Aid page for further information.