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First Generation College Students

There are many benefits in studying abroad and the experience will make you a stronger candidate for opportunities after graduation. Speak to MassArt's Study Abroad Advisor about academic advising and financial aid. Also, speak to students who have studied abroad to give you firsthand advice about living abroad. It can be daunting to have friends and family misunderstand studying abroad as a ‘vacation.' It is important to find people in your life that will support your decision to study abroad.

  • Does the program offer first-generation scholarships for study abroad or general scholarships?
  • How will I explain the process and my interest in studying abroad to family and friends?
  • Am I looking for an extremely different experience or to retain some cultural similarities?
  • How important is the physical distance from friends and family, and how will I keep in touch?
  • How will I involve my family in my decision to study abroad?

We encourage you to meet with MassArt's Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the topics in this resource guide and make your study abroad plan.

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