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Fall Return Plan

MassArt will be coordinating a staggered return to campus activities and programs, starting with a partial return that focuses on student acclimation at the start of the fall semester, followed by the gradual return of co-curricular happenings over the semester based upon our findings and progress. 

With this in mind, we have devised the following timeline while also helping to identify the goals that help us know when to open up greater levels of access.

Summer Start Up

Time Period: August 18 - 27


  1. Offices reopen for in-person activity

  2. Faculty and Student access to campus resumes 

  3. Orientation Programs

Goal: Allow time for staff to return to offices for normal in person functions; provide in person services to students and faculty.

phase one

Time Period: August 28 - October 11


  1. All F2F and Hybrid classes* begin

  2. Key Student Development programming in support of students; SGA Executive Board, Volunteer Coordinator and MAC Board in-person meetings only

  3. Identify specific spaces for students to study or access remote coursework

  4. Students may access campus from 7am - 11pm;  Studios, shops, library, and cafeteria accessible during posted times

  5. Limited admissions tours

*hybrid classes will meet on an established schedule; please check your class schedule for the correct dates and times for in-person vs. remote week-to-week attendance

Goal: Confirm spaces needed to meet student remote needs; release spaces not needed for remote study for other uses.

phase two

Time Period: October 12 - January 17 (updated timeline)


  1. Above items in Phase One; 

  2. Scheduled on campus programs: Artward Bound, all student group in-person meetings, in-person Visiting Artists & Visiting Lecturers, Academic Galleries

  3. In person meetings of faculty and staff groups, including COF, predicated on what we learn during phase one

  4. Return to regular Admissions tours

  5. MAAM reopens to the public within this phase, details to come

Goal: Reintroduce internal campus community activity to spaces not needed for student study space

phase three

Time Period: January 18 - on (updated timeline)


  1. Above items in Phases One and Two

  2. External visitors and guests allowed

  3. External events allowed

Goal: Return to a new normal of activity on campus