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Fall 2021 Academics

For the Fall 2021 semester, MassArt will be offering a balance of in-person, hybrid and remote classes, based on department plans.

While we can't predict the local, state and federal guidelines for higher education in the fall, we will adjust as appropriate to changing guidance and requirements. 

glossary of terms
  • F2F = Face to Face
  • Remote = totally online
  • Hybrid 1 = meets every other week with about 7 face to face meetings.
  • Hybrid 2 = meets every third week with about 5 face to face meetings
  • Hybrid 3 = meets once per month with about 3-4 face to face meetings

(No hybrid course should meet less than once a month - those should be remote)

Though there is no expectation to be on campus for remote classes, all students will have access to campus for study space, to access services, programs etc.

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