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Jewelry Metals Studio

Jeweler working on a piece at a jeweler's bench

The jewelry metals studio and facilities at MassArt are among the best equipped and safest in the country. Instruction in all significant techniques is offered during the course of the program; these include:

  • Jewelry construction in base and precious material
  • Vacuum and centrifugal lost wax casting
  • Vulcanized rubber and "RTV" mold processes
  • Stone setting
  • Chasing and repoussé
  • Electro-chemical etching
  • Raising and forming for sculpture and hollow ware
  • Enameling and patination
  • Hydraulic press techniques and die forming
  • Resin casting and alternative materials for jewelry 
  • CAD, 3D modeling, CNC milling and "Solidscape" 3d printing for jewelry and metals