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Seeing the Elephant

Guler Ates Eternal Maharana and She
Monday, September 28, 2015 to Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery

Güler Ates 
Michael Bühler­-Rose 
Edward Burtynsky 
Neha Choksi 
Tara Kelton 
Karen Knorr 
Laura Letinsky & John Paul Morabito
Laura McPhee 
Khush Nubian 
Fazal Sheikh 
Gregory Thielker 
Corinne Vionnet

The Indian story of the blind men and the elephant tells of earnest, observant individuals trying to describe something. Each of them probes one part of an elephant and gives his description. The result is a wildly diverse range of properties from the ear to the legs, tail, and tusk. All are true yet they hardly coalesce and often conflict. 

This is an apt parable for those documenting and drawing inspiration from India, a country that has long been a subject for artists, writers, and scholars fascinated by the nation's colors, complexities, and contrasts. It is ancient and modern, agrarian and industrial, connected and self-contained. 

Seeing the Elephant features international contemporary artists whose work explores a wide range of topics facing India today. The structure of the exhibition is to approach the region from within and without, from positions of intimacy and expertise as well as from a more aesthetic distance.

Curated by Lisa Tung, Director of Curatorial Programs.