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Earth & Alchemy

Clay Pigeons by Kate MacDowell
Monday, September 24, 2012 to Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stephen D. Paine Gallery

Yo Akiyama
Susannah Biondo-Gemmell
Syd Carpenter
Sam Chung
Mark Cooper
Laurent Craste
Bean Finneran
Klara Kristalova
Kate MacDowell
Warren Mather
Naoko Matsumoto
J.J. McCracken
Megumi Naitoh
Valéria Nascimento
Kamio Ogata
Elizabeth Orleans
Annabeth Rosen
Takayuki Sakiyama
Linda Swanson
Paul Swenbeck
Akio Takamori
Xavier Toubes
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Jason Walker
Kurt Weiser

Earth & Alchemy celebrates contemporary ceramic sculpture and showcases a cross-generational selection of over two dozen influential artists. Exploring a range of ideas encompassing conceptualism, social activism, materiality, and humor, this exhibition presents a survey of approaches to ceramics that often push the boundaries of one of the world's oldest media. Whether through expansive sculptures, extraterrestrial installations, or fantastical vessels, the artists included in the exhibition have developed novel techniques—such as using oven-baked backyard clay covered with house paints, layering slip over glaze to create richly textured and encrusted surfaces, or silk-screening digital imagery onto porcelain. Earth & Alchemy examines the depth and range of ceramic practice today—a macrocosm of clay.