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Emergency Scenario

Below are some basic steps for responding to more common on-campus emergency situations.


  • Know where the fire exits and fire alarms are in your area
  • If you discover a fire, manually activate the fire alarm.
  • Tell others in the area that there is a fire.
  • Immediately exit the building; close doors behind you. Call Public Safety at ext. 7800 or 617.879.7800.

If You are Trapped During a Fire:

  • Wet and place cloth material around and under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  • Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
  • Be prepared to signal someone outside, but do not break glass until it is absolutely necessary as smoke may be drawn into the room.

If Caught in Smoke:

  • Drop to the floor and crawl toward an exit.
  • Stay as low as possible.
  • Take shallow breaths through your nose and use a shirt or towel as a filter.

Evacuation During Fire:

  • Walk. Don't run.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • When instructed, evacuate and move a safe distance away from the building.
  • If you know of hazards or trapped persons, call Public Safety at ext. 7800 or 617.879.7800.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the police or emergency management personnel tell you it is safe.


  • Call Public Safety at ext. 7800 or 617.879.7800.
  • If safe, turn off electrical equipment.
  • Secure vital equipment and records.
  • Move hazardous material to higher ground.

Hazardous Material Spill

For information on how to prevent hazardous spills, talk with your studio manager or the Environmental Health and Safety office at ext.7939 or 617.879.7939 to ensure you are following all safety protocols. In the event of a hazardous spill:

  • Call Public Safety at ext. 7800 or 617.879.7800
  • Warn others nearby of the spill
  • Avoid breathing vapors from the spill
  • Direct potentially contaminated people to stay in a controlled area until they have been cleared of contaminants
  • Isolate and contain the spill. Post a notice and/or tape-off the affected area and establish a controlled entry point to the area
  • Do not allow others into the area even to retrieve personal belongings
  • Do not spread contaminants. Take off your shoes before walking to other parts of the building
  • Cover wet spill with something absorbent. Cover dry spills with something slightly dampened
  • Dispose of towels in approved containers. Do not wash contaminants down the drain
  • Use appropriate kit to neutralize and absorb inorganic acids, or absorb spills with vermiculite, dry sand, or diatomaceous earth. Collect and dispose of as chemical waste
  • If spill is flammable, turn off ignition and heat sources. DO NOT light burners or turn on switches

Power Outages

In the event of a major, campus-wide outage, the college has emergency generators that restore power to some areas of campus. To report a minor, localized power outage, call the Facilities department during business hours at ext. 7950 or 617.879.7950. After hours, notify Public Safety at ext. 7800 or 617.879.7800.

In the event of a major campus-wide outage:

  • Remain calm.
  • Do not light candles or other flames as they could ignite an explosion.
  • Turn off lights and unplug all electrical equipment, including computers.
  • If evacuation is required, follow established safety procedures for your studio, shop, or workspace before leaving. Do not return until given the all clear to do so.