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Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)

Christian Marclay’s ‘Phones’ at Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

Now on view at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York, "Phones" by Christian Marclay '80 BFA Studio for Interrelated Media. The exhibition includes early work by Marclay, including sculptures and a video, as well as a selection of photographs and works on paper - all of which explore the recurrence of telephonic technologies as visual and acoustic material. 

Lupe Mojada: Interview with Jimena Bermejo

Big Red & Shiny interviewed MassArt grad Jimena Bermejo, who received her MFA in SIM, About SIM, Jimena tells Big Red & Shiny:

"To my surprise, I was accepted to SIM, which was incredible and completely changed my world. I learned a lot about performance art and had a lot of freedom to explore themes I couldn’t before. The dialog at SIM was incredibly helpful to my practice. I felt like a had a voice."

Green Arts Network Addresses Environmental Issues in Boston through Sustainable Arts

MassArt's Green Arts network advocates for "sustainability on the ground level," and was established by junior Stephanie Houten '18 BFA SIM & Film/Video to create a community of eco-friendly artists to foster idea-sharing and discussion surrounding sustainability. 

Brookline ‘Eco Hack’ Offers Tech Experience, Promotes Inclusion

Brookline Interactive Group, BIG, filled with coders, artists, programmers and storytellers on Earth Day weekend for its first ever “eco hack” – an event that not only taught participants new skills, but that could make its way to the United Nations. 

Among the winning team was Stephanie Houten '18 BFA SIM & Film/Video, who joined the event to learn more about virtual reality. Houten credits the range in diversity of her team as a one of the factors in her team's accomplishment.

We See Each Other All the Time

"We See Each Other All the Time" is a month-long experience and exhibition that explores the nature of our perpetually cell-phone connected world. 

Artists and friends, Dana Moser and Nita Sturiale, have completed a 30-day communication exercise where they used various methods of information exchange every day without fail. These included cell phones, pay phones, Skype, text, images, email, paper letters and postcards, web-based social networks, video, and personal live meetings, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Pozen Center

Pozen Center

The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) manages the Pozen Center, a 3,000 square foot light-tight flexible performance space equipped with video, audio, and lighting systems.


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