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Spring 2021

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January 23 to January 11

Rainfield is the first site-specific installation in the College's new Design and Media Center. Conceptualized by Visiting Professor, sculptor Daniel Clayman, this installation was created in partnership with his 18 students in the fall 2016 class Structured Light.

SP2015 Material Study

Spalted Maple & Faux Fur

12” x 12” x 9”

SP2015 Material Study was created with a focus on negative space. Smith designed this piece by first envisioning what this piece would sit upon. From there he constructed an angular response, following a contour path.

Smith is interested by internal and external spaces, so he created the trough in the contour that allowed for the fur to be housed within. The relation of material was combined to experiment ways of integrating completely different materials into a cohesive work. 

Exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Sam Durant opens at Blum & Poe

Build Therefore Your Own World featuring the work of MassArt alumnus Sam Durant '86 BFA Sculpture opens at Blum & Poe Gallery in Los Angeles. Art Daily notes that "Durant continues his excavation of marginalized American histories, unearthing counter storylines to the historical canon."



The Fine Arts 3D Sculpture metalshop provides industry quality metalworking facilities to all students at MassArt. This includes a full-production metal foundry for cast bronze, aluminum, and iron using sand molds, and the lost wax method with ceramic shell.

Student Amanda with her Puppet

Puppet Workshop

An introduction to the basics of movable dynamic figures (possibly human but possibly otherwise) in a variety of materials which respond to the action of the human hand (or, conceivably, other body parts).



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