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Antarctic Explorer – Darkness to Lightness

Reed, wood, plastic, data, 4,5’ x 3’ x 2’

A portable data device for the Antarctic Explorer, this piece explores the transition from complete darkness in June to 24 hour sunlight in October. Data translated include weather patterns, temperature variations, barometric pressure, wind data, azimuth of the sun, sunrise in relation to cardinal directions, tides, moon phases, moonrise and sunrise. Using a base of 24 hour, every weave represents one hour.

Artwork by Theresa-India Young

Theresa-India Young Scholarship Exhibition

September 4 to November 27

For the inaugural exhibition in the Frances Euphemia Thompson Gallery, the College is proud to display the work of another artist with strong ties to MassArt, Theresa-India Young (1950-2008), as well as work by current students and alumni who have received the memorial scholarship that honors her. A talented weaver with an encyclopedic knowledge of techniques, materials, and methods from numerous cultures throughout the world, her areas of expertise included Backstrap, Ikat, Kente, European tapestry, and Navajo weaving.

'Natural Forces: Three Sculptors Respond' to Open at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Clive Moloney '13 MFA 3D installs a sculpture in response to the natural environment of Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. Moloney's sculpture, "Your Water Footprint" will visually represent the personal water consumption of the artist as well as the average person to raise public awareness of water conservation. 


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