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Universal Tools at MassArt include the Digital Fabrication Labs, Documentation Room, Installation Room, Lighting Installation Room, Public Spaces, Sound Studio and Woodshop

Universal Tools

MassArt has universal tools and resources that are open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the College, regardless of major. These facilities include the Digital Fabrication Labs (Fablabs) - which include tools for 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser cutting, and a PCLab for 3D modeling; a Documentation Room; an Installation Room; a Lighting Installation Room; Public Spaces; Sound Studio; and Woodshop.



March 12 to April 17

SOURCE, MassArt x SoWa’s third Graduate Alumni Curatorial Project, is curated by Diana Jean Puglisi (MFA ’16 2D Fine Arts) and Courtney Stock (MFA ’17 2D Fine Arts) with collaborative support from Jessica Tawczynski (MFA ’17 2D Fine Arts), Rachel Morrissey (MFA ’16 2D Fine Arts) and Janet Loren Hill (MFA ’17 2D Fine Arts).


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