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Fall 2020

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A short film, revolving around three vignettes, which seems to have a different interpretation every time it's viewed...what do you think it means?



Stability is a dance video featuring three different Asian American dancers with very different styles. Each dancer performed in a different location that reflects their style and personality. 

Dancers: Daisy Var, Alex Young, and Jess Chang

Director: Grace Cushner
Cinematography: Grace Cushner
Editor: Grace Cushner

Music Mix: Nick L.
Special thanks to: Lisa Lam and Megan DiTullio


Short Film: Aonar


Kayla shot Aonar for Junior Production SP19. In this short film, two high school best friends go to a normal college party until one of them goes off alone and discovers a mysterious room. 

Healing- Anaís Azul (Official Music Video)

"Healing" by Anaís Azul

Healing is a music video directed and produced by Guadalupe Campos '22 BFA Film/Video in collaboration with local Queer Peruvian singer-songwriter, Anaís Azul. The music video Healing follows a pink chair throughout the city of Boston from locations as intimate as Anaís’ home to places as public as the Orange Line. Healing is a long and painstaking process but something that is not done alone or with out a great reward. 


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