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On the Hunt for a New Podcast? WTBU Students Talk Sports, News, Romance Novels—and More – Boston University

"Koeun Neak ('13 BFA Film/Video) (WTBU news videographer) comes from an illustration and painting background, but graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in film/video production. Before BU, Koeun worked at a video production company, where he filmed and edited videos for corporate, nonprofit, and academic clients across North America.

'Document the chaos': Love of fiction, costumes rockets South Shore woman to internet fame

"Rachel Maksy is a woman out of a time machine.

"The soft curls in her hair take inspiration from the 1950s; her wardrobe is a mix of corsets, homemade vests, tea-length skirts and vintage shoes; and she does all of the crafting projects that rocketed her to internet stardom in a small, 1800s-era shed in her back yard.

Film Cage

Film Cage

The Film Cage is located in East Hall, room E120 and offers students in the Film/Video major and elective classes access to Film, Video, and Audio equipment.

MassArt filmmaker Noah Duarte plans to shoot movie in the Azores

MassArt recent graduate Noah Duarte plans to travel to the Azores this summer to shoot "The Lonely Doryman," a short film that explores themes of queer identity, loneliness and masculinity and is set against the backdrop of Portugal’s complex traditional values during Salazar's regime. In this photo, Duarte can be seen with film crew members Ali Fernandes (at left) and Christian Kalcic.

You Can't See Out trailer

You Can't See Out

Trailer for, "You Can't See Out," which focuses on the challenges of growing up, losing friends, and change as it manifests itself into a real nightmare. The five friends must survive the night as they are being watched and hunted by an unknown figure outside a house they’re not suppose to be in. They are challenged to figure out what is real and what isn’t.


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