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Department Notes

Glossary of Terms
  • F2F = Face to Face
  • Remote = totally online
  • Hybrid 1 = meets every other week with about 7 face to face meetings.
  • Hybrid 2 = meets every third week with about 5 face to face meetings
  • Hybrid 3 = meets once per month with about 3-4 face to face meetings

Below are notes about Hybrid and Remote learning by major. Please review the descriptions provided by the chair of each department.

    • Welcome to Studio Foundation! We look forward to meeting all of you in the Fall!

      Our First Year Studio courses (Studio for Drawing, Drawing Projects, Form Study, Visual Language and Time) are currently planned as follows:
      • 75-80% as H1/Hybrid 1 - This means the courses will meet on campus as scheduled, at least every other week. Classes will be spread out throughout the week, Monday through Friday, both mornings and afternoons.
      • 20-25% as Fully-Remote - These sections will be conducted via Zoom, and will take place weekly on this platform only. Classes will be spread out throughout the week, Monday through Friday, both mornings and afternoons.

      All Studio Foundation Hybrid courses are held in the South Building. Depending on the safety protocols and recommendations by the CDC and the State of Massachusetts COVID-19 Task Force, some Hybrid instructors hope to include some field trips and alternative site class work during the off-campus Hybrid weeks.

    • The Liberal Arts Department looks forward to welcoming first-year and returning students from all majors and disciplines with a range of course types and modalities.
      A majority of our courses will continue to meet remotely, but our offerings for the Fall also include hybrid and face-to-face classes. All courses, no matter the format, will be intentionally designed to support students’ exploration.
      Liberal Arts faculty will make use of thoughtful planning, technological tools, and partnerships with the library, studio departments, and visiting scholars and professionals to offer students experiences that develop critical knowledge and feed their creative practice.
      After a temporary switch to a Pass/No credit grading system during the pandemic, Liberal Arts will return to the awarding of letter grades.
    • For the total 34 classes we are offering in fall 2021:.
      • 26 will be Hybrid with some in-person component
      • 8 will be fully remote

      The total tentative breakdown is:

      • 8 Remote
      • 16 Hybrid 1
      • 7 Hybrid 2
      • 3 Hybrid 3

      For students that require a completely remote schedule, we will be outfitting rooms (updated with safety measures) with full streaming capabilities, so students with the need for remote learning are able to assemble a schedule with any course or professor, regardless of the above designations.

      Studio access will be available, more details will be available as the fall semester approaches.

    • Architecture will be primarily F2F. We are planning for as much in-person as possible, with Architectural History and two electives hosted remotely. Pending the development of the PC computer lab, it may also be possible to have Architectural History as a hybrid course. Having noted that, if you have a concern about in-person, full time instruction for any course, please contact the Department Chair, Patricia Seitz.
    • The Art Education Department will deliver all courses in a Remote format with the exception of some internship/student teaching placements for some students in their final semester. All of our Art Education Studio Courses will be remote, but students enrolled in these courses can opt to access their assigned on-campus studios to complete their coursework. Most faculty will be regularly available to meet with students in their studios for studio visits at the student’s request. Our courses will be designed thoughtfully, using best practices for remote teaching to ensure student learning. At the heart of our work, we will continue to value social justice and adaptive pedagogy in this challenging time.
    • The Communication Design department is offering both a hybrid and a fully remote option for all our required studio courses. Students will be able to choose the best path based on their personal circumstances. A majority of Communication Design elective courses will be held remotely.
    • The Fashion Design department will be moving to a Hybrid 1 format for the Fall semester. Students will be required to attend classes on campus at least every other week as part of the Fall schedule in Fashion.
      We will continue to monitor the Massachusetts Governor’s guidelines with regard to ending pandemic restrictions. If all progresses well, we will plan to move at least some Fashion courses to completely F2F during the Fall. Students will continue to have access to studios, work spaces, and specialized tools/technology with additional access support from the department. We are excited to work with students again on campus!
    • The Film/Video Department is planning to implement hybrid classes with only two remote classes.
    • Painting will be primarily F2F with two fully remote classes. All other electives and major studios are F2F. Printmaking will be primarily F2F, with the exception of three H1 Hybrid classes. All other electives and major studios will be F2F.
    • FA3D is planning to have a combination of F2F, Hybrid and some remote courses. Many of our faculty have already been teaching in-person and have found the option beneficial for many reasons.
      Some classes will remain completely remote but most courses will be taught in person or hybrid.
      The 3D faculty as a whole, would like to work on transitioning to in-person classes as safely and efficiently as possible. Since many of our courses rely heavily on utilizing specific studios and equipment, there are clear benefits to offering our studio courses in-person.
    • After a solid year of exclusively remote instruction in History of Art, we cautiously hope to cautiously offer a few courses in the fall that will cautiously be taught F2F (the key word in this sentence is easily discovered by counting the frequency with which it appears...).

      Most HART courses will still be taught remotely, but we will have a few opportunities to learn F2F or via hybrid learning. Of course, you will still have access to dedicated work spaces on campus, and this access and openness should increase as time goes by. And if the trajectory of the past two months continues, we hope to return to mainly in-person teaching by the winter and spring terms.
    • During the Fall 2021 semester, the majority of illustration courses will be offered in a hybrid format, with the same expected high curriculum standards and learning outcomes. All our hybrid classes will be in the H1 format, meeting on campus every other week.

      Exceptions are Digital Illustration and Word + Image, which will be fully remote, as well as Professional Freelance Studio.

      Thesis 1 + 2 will be divided as follows: Thesis Project 1 will be completely remote and Thesis Project 2 will meet on campus F2F weekly. Painting for Illustrators is also designated as a F2F class.

      The Illustration Department strongly supports the belief that everything hinges on traditional and digital skills. The delivery of courses will be tailored to the particular needs of every course: critiques in real time of students’ work in progress and finals, synchronous and asynchronous demonstrations, lectures and guest speakers.

      Between classes, students can expect additional input and support, which could be a combination of written feedback and asynchronous demonstrations, adjusted to course requirements as needed.
    • The department’s studio resources (tools & equipment) are a strong component of the strength of our curriculum as well as the educational success for our students (experiential learning through instructors and their peers).
      For the fall semester, we are moving more towards a hyflex mode: providing opportunities for students to be F2F for class meetings while accommodating those that wish to engage in the course remotely. We do not have the flexibility of offering a section that supports only remote engagement alongside a section that supports F2F. We are constantly gathering feedback from both faculty and students to dial this in and feel a hyflex model, supplemented with fully remote courses, is the way forward for FL21/SP22.
    • The photography department plans to be back on campus and in person for the Fall 2021 semester! Safety protocols and restrictions will largely depend on the MA Governor’s COVID-19 regulations, but if pandemic restrictions are lifted by the end of August, we will be back in person. We can’t wait!
      If the regulations remain in place, the Photo Department will follow the school's H1/Hybrid 1 mode for all classes. This means the courses will meet on campus as scheduled, at least every other week. Classes will be spread out throughout the week next semester: we will have no more than two classes meeting at one time on Kennedy 6 and we will continue our virtual Visiting Artist Lecture series via Zoom on Tuesday afternoons. That way we can all be together!
      We will have more lab and studio access next semester, though (again) there may still be protocols in place. You will likely schedule access in the same way you have throughout the current academic year. Looking forward!