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Fall 2020

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For information about cleaning measures, testing and tracing, and other COVID-19 precautions, please visit Campus Health & Safety.

MassArt IDs
    • A. 1. You can come to campus a little early on your first day of in-person class (if you have in-person classes) and get your ID.

      2. If you are a new student, you can email a photo to Public Safety and your ID can be created and mailed to you. Send your photo and the address to which your ID should be mailed to See guidelines for ID photos below.

      MassArt ID Photo Guidelines
      MassArt uses similar standards and guidelines for photos as the US Department of State does for passports so please take a quick moment to review the requirements below. We recommend that someone take the photo for you, or you use the timer function of your phone, as selfies can make adhering to these guidelines difficult. If you have a photo taken within the last 6 months that meets these guidelines, you may also upload that versus taking a new photo.

      All photos must adhere to the following:

      • • Background must be uniformly solid and light in color. We prefer white or light blue backgrounds
      • • You should be facing the camera directly with your eyes open and you should be in the center of the photo
      • • Your face should be completely visible with no attire, hats or hair obstructing your face
      • • Headgear is only permitted if it is religious attire or required for medical purposes, but may not obstruct your face
      • • Photo should be clear, in color and is properly exposed with no shadows
      • • Glasses may be worn provided they are clear, not tinted and they are not causing a glare or reflection in the photo
      • • Resolution should be high enough so the image isn't blurry
      • • Photo should not be digitally altered
      • • No other individuals or objects may be in the photo

      3) If you are a returning student, you can email with your mailing address and they can send out a new student ID (since they have access to your picture) or a new semester sticker, whichever you need.

      Questions about ID's can be directed to

Foundation Student Supply Kits
    • A. Foundation students should have received an email regarding how you want to receive your supply kits: pick-up, delivered to the residence hall or mailed to your home. A second email will be forthcoming with the survey in case you didn't receive/missed the first one.

      Once you complete the survey, your kit will be prepped and you will be notified. Studio Foundation is also waiting on a few kit items to arrive due to a national shortage on some items.

      Questions about Foundation Supply Kits can be sent to Gamalia Pharms at

Access to Campus & COF Facilities
    • A. We are working to put the final touches on a scheduling tool for study space and studio access once on-campus access begins starting Wednesday, 9/16. We will notify students when the tool is available for use. Here are the basics of how it will work:
      • • There will be 3 types of access available: scheduled classes, recurring weekly access for assigned studios (set by Studio Managers), weekly requests;
      • • All access with the exception of hybrid classes must be scheduled; you will schedule your time between Sunday and Wednesday of the week before you need access
      • • Access will be available for study spaces, majors studio access and specialty shops based upon how each department has structured time around class meetings
      • • In order to access campus for any of the above mentioned reasons, you must have completed testing according to your testing schedule and be able to provide proof of negative results from your CoVerified app. You must also have completed your daily symptom checker through the CoVerified app.

      For both of these options of access to campus, we will need you to comply with all health and safety measures we are implementing for the MassArt community.
      These include:

      • • physical distancing
      • • regular handwashing
      • • required mask wearing
      • • symptom tracking
      • • COVID testing

      In our MassArt COVID Testing Program, students who plan to access campus regularly throughout the semester will be tested every other week by using the CoVerified app (see details below). Please make sure you can login to CoVerified to manage your testing schedule, as well as daily symptom tracking that will be required for access to campus.

      CoVerified mobile apps are available for download for iOS and Android devices or via browser on a laptop/desktop.

      We ask that if you are feeling any symptoms, please do NOT come to campus and we will work with you to reschedule.

      Questions about health and safety can be directed to

    • A. Only those MassArt, MCPHS, and Wentworth students who are part of their campus testing protocol and are cleared via the CoVerified app may access the facilities.

      What is Available for Use?

      Schumann Fitness Center: Capacity - 18
      • • Free Weights, Deadlifting areas (3), Selectorized weight equipment, as well as treadmills (2) and stepmills (2)
      • • Locker rooms, showers, and stretching area are unavailable for use.
      • • Hours: Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 10:45pm, Friday: 6:00am – 8:45pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 7:45pm

      Tansey Auxiliary Space: Capacity – 25

      • • Arc trainers (4), Treadmills (4), Stages Spin Bikes (11), Expresso Bikes (3), Stages Solo Bikes (2), Les Mills Interactive Bike (1), Rowing Machine (1)
      • • Outdoor use of Kettlebells, Bands, Sandbells, Battle Ropes, Jump Ropes is permitted in designated areas
      • • Locker Rooms, Showers, and Weight Room are unavailable for use
      • • Hours: Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 4:45pm, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 5:15pm

      What Can I Bring?
      You can bring yourself, your phone, and a water bottle. Backpacks, equipment, extra clothing items, etc. are not permitted.

      What Are the Restrictions?
      You MUST wear a mask (properly) at all times inside our facilities and in our designated spaces.

      You MUST not be showing any symptoms of COVID-19. If you are not feeling well, please do not come to our facilities. We love you and we want you to be well, but we also don’t want the risk.

      Facilities Rules

      • • All equipment must be brought to the cleaning station after use (plates, attachments, dumbbells, etc.)
      • • When done using a machine, please turn “Clean” card over to present “Dirty”
      • • You have no more than the allotted time (45 minutes weekdays and 60 minutes weekends)
      • • You MUST exit the facility and all fitness areas should you need to remove your mask
      • • You must exit the facility immediately at the end of the allotted time
      • • You cannot superset between pieces of equipment. Use one piece at a time

      To Check In

      1. State your name and reservation time
      2. Show school-issued COVID app and that you are "Cleared""
      3. Present forehead for temperature check
      4. Ensure your mask is on and fitted properly
      5. Sanitize your hands
      6. Enter facility to tap ID

      Making an Account

      • • Go to Fitness Reservation FAQ and follow the instructions on the page
      • • These instructions MUST be followed exactly in order for your account to work, so please read them thoroughly
      • • If you created an account prior to today, it will not work
      • • If you are having account issues, please email Please note: This account is NOT monitored 24/7, so please be patient

      Group Fitness Classes

      • • Group fitness classes will begin on Monday, September 14th
      • • All classes will be held on the Wentworth Quad (weather pending)
      • • Classes will also require a reservation. To reserve your spot in class, please go to and click on “Group Fitness”. This will only work if you have an account already
      • • The class schedule for the Fall is as follows:

        5:00PM - Cycling with Kirsten
        6:00PM - Yoga with Matt
        5:00PM - Yoga with Matt
        6:00PM - Barre with Sara M.
        12:00PM - Yoga with Matt
        5:00PM - Cycling with Kirsten
        6:00PM - Greatest HIITs with Sarah P.
        6:00PM - Metabolic Mash with Heather

    • Questions? Please email

Campus Life
    • A.Virtual Student Drop-In Hours

      Missed a town hall? Have an unanswered question? Need help connecting with the right department? Just need to talk through what is going on? Join us for a virtual drop in session!

      • Tuesdays, 9-10am Google Meet
      • Wednesdays, 12-1pm Zoom Link
      • Thursdays, 5-6pm Google Meet

      Staff will be available on the days/times via Zoom/Google Meets to talk through any questions or concerns you have about this semester and direct you to the appropriate resources or to just say hello! Everyone is welcome and no sign-up is needed!

      Sponsored by The Student Engagement and Support Hub; contact with any questions.

    • A. Be sure to check the MassArt Calendar regularly as all events will be posted there; You will receive an email from Marketing each week with the upcoming week's events from the calendar - be sure to read it!

      Follow @massartmac on IG for information on virtual events, in-person events and social media contests.
    • A. Clubs and departmental groups will be active this year. There will be a virtual Involvement Fair later in September where you can learn about the different student organizations on-campus and how to get involved.

      SGA E-Board elections will be held in September. Drop-in sessions to learn more about SGA and what being on the Executive Board involves are being held on the dates/times below. Check the MassArt Calendar for more information.

      Drop-In Hours for current SGA Reps to touch base with the Office of Student Engagement are being held on the dates/times below. Check the MassArt Calendar for more information.

      SGA will be hosting bi-weekly hangouts on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30pm beginning on September 16th; all students are welcome!

      Questions about getting involved on campus can be directed to Laura Flynn at

    • A. For Studio Foundation students:

      Once classes begin (on 9/2/20), all Studio Foundation students must contact Professor Marc Holland (Chair of Studio Foundation) or Professor Jarrett Davis (Studio Foundation Advising Coordinator) if they would like to make a change to their schedule. After the student is advised, Professor Holland or Professor Davis will recommend your schedule change to the Registrar’s Office. At that time, we’ll adjust your schedule. Please note that if there are not enough seats available, we may not be able to change your schedule, but we will work with you and the faculty to make the best schedule we can for you.

      For all other students:


      • • Once classes begin, students need faculty permission to join classes. Please email the instructor to ask for their permission to join. Instructor’s names can be found using the Course Catalog in MassArt Self-Service.
      • • Please be sure to include your MassArt ID #, and the course code (2DPA-100-01 for example) in the subject line.
      • • Once you get the approval, please forward it to: Instructors may also forward the approval to us.

        (Once again, please be sure your MassArt ID # and the Course ID are included in the email.)


      Once classes begin, students may also drop classes using MassArt Self-Service:

      • Go to the Plan and Schedule tab, and click the DROP button.
      • Your course title will turn from green to yellow once it is dropped, and your total "Enrolled Credits" will be less.
      • Please be advised that you cannot add classes online. Those need to come with instructor approval in an email.
      • To change your classes, we recommend that you do so in this order:

        1) Try to ADD any new classes you want to change into, and then once you have received instructor approval

        2) You can DROP your current classes.
      • Students can also drop classes by emailing their student ID and the course # they want to drop to:
      • Students cannot drop all of their classes online. If you need to take a Leave of Absence, or Withdraw from MassArt, please email the Academic Resource Center at for assistance.

        Important Note: Check your schedule! After you make any changes either by email or Self-Service, please be sure to check your schedule to make sure that the change happened. Self-Service changes happen immediately. Emails sent to the Registrar’s Office will be processed within 24 hours.

    • A. We know this takes some patience on your part, but it's because we want to make sure you're getting the best advising possible, before any changes are made. Because the Studio Foundation department has a large number of students, when your goal is to change just one class, it will require your changing two or three classes together. Since multiple changes can become complicated so quickly, an advising conversation with Professor Holland or Professor Davis is required to help you streamline the process.
    • A. Please email the instructor directly. They can send you the link to their remote class.
    • A. Please email the instructor directly. They can send you the link to their remote class.
    • A. Please email the instructor directly. They can send you the link to their remote class.
    • A. Attendance is really important -- especially for the first meeting. If you can’t attend the first meeting, but plan to keep the class, please email your instructor right away and let them know what’s going on.

      If you aren’t planning on attending the course, please drop it as soon as possible, so your instructors know if they can add students off the waitlist.
    • A. Once add/drop begins, BFA students should email if they want to add a CE class. CE classes almost always start at 6:30 at night. They also have a green ($) in the course catalog. Once CE approves the addition, they will send their approval to the Registrar's Office, and you will be added to the class. BFA students do not have to pay an extra fee for CE classes.

College-Sponsored Travel

    • A. Because of the unpredictability of travel now and in the foreseeable future, the suspension of all inbound and outbound college-sponsored international travel will remain in place for the 2020-2021 academic year. This is an important temporary measure due to the COVID-19 situation, to protect our community and to help minimize risk for all during the global crisis.

      Students: Both incoming and outgoing domestic and international off-campus fall and spring semester study abroad programs have been suspended, including MassArt’s faculty-led travel courses. If you are interested in studying abroad during a future semester when the suspension is lifted, please contact Amy Holland, Study Abroad Advisor, at

      Faculty and Staff: No college-sponsored international travel, such as conference attendance, by faculty or staff will be approved. If you have begun to make plans for travel associated with MassArt (this policy does not apply to personal or self-sponsored travel), please place them on hold. No payments for international travel will be approved/reimbursed by the College unless a specific exception is requested via the International Education Center and approved by the Provost.

      International Visiting Artists: International visiting artists provide a vibrant addition to the community. We encourage you to coordinate virtual meetings or lectures with international visiting artists. Physical visits to the campus are suspended and will not be supported this academic year. Please contact Erica Puccio at to discuss payments for virtual visiting artists. Communication regarding lifting the travel suspension will be sent in the future as such decisions, carefully weighed, are made.

Student Employment
Work Study
    • A. Students who are eligible for workstudy are welcome to apply for both on and off campus workstudy positions that are open and listed on Handshake, Career Development’s job listing platform. All students, including first year students, with an active MassArt email have access to their Handshake account and can use their MassArt Net ID to login.
      Student employment on campus is determined by individual departmental needs. We expect any positions that may be open for the fall semester will be posted between early-August through mid-September.
      All students, including First Year students, are receiving the Thursday email sent by Career Development. This weekly email will highlight any on and off campus workstudy positions that may be listed by individual departments. Students apply for open positions, typically with a resume and cover letter. View a basic resume template.
    • A. MassArt’s Center for Art and Community Partnership (CACP) is the only office that posts off campus work study positions for students. CACP lists open positions on Handshake and we will highlight any current openings in the Thursday email.
    • A. Your Handshake account will offer you listings for current Part Time, Fulltime and any short term paid job opportunities that have been sent to the college. Login with your MassArt Net ID.
    • A. Individual virtual appointments (video/audio or audio only) can be scheduled with Career Development by accessing your Handshake account with your MassArt Net ID. When you log in, click on Career Center > Appointments.
  • Internships
    • A. Employers are currently posting Fall 2020 internships on Handshake. You may access your Handshake account with your MassArt Net ID. Many students also find internships outside of Handshake. You can look for opportunities on sites like LinkedIn and, talk with your faculty, fellow students and others in your personal network to find internships. To see where MassArt students have interned in the past see: Where MassArt Students Have Interned Before 2010-2020.
    • A. Access your Handshake account with your MassArt Net ID. Once you log in, click Career Center > Experiences > Request an Experience.
    • A. Remote internships for academic credit are permitted and encouraged for the Fall 2020 semester. The internship employer must be an established business, organization, or artist with a business location/address. You must register for credit before beginning your internship and before the add/drop deadline of the semester. All internship hours and work must be completed by the end of the semester.
    • A. Review the Internship Guidelines for Students:
      • • Eligible internships may be registered for 3 elective credits
      • • Students apply for internship credit which includes an approval process before an internship is registered for academic credit
      • • Your faculty internship advisor has final approval regarding credit for your internship
      • • You must register for credit before starting your internship and by the add/drop deadline for the semester
      • • Credit cannot be given retroactively
      • • You can register either a paid or unpaid internship for credit
      • • Credit bearing internships may be completed in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters
      • • There is no tuition cost to complete a summer internship for credit for undergraduate students
      • • You must have a registered and approved internship with Career Development to be considered for the internship stipend. For AY 2019/20, $2,000 stipends were awarded to 59 students
    • A. MassArt has participated in the State University Internship Incentive program since 2013. Program funding is typically announced early in the spring semester (in late January). Career Development manages the internship award program.
  • For the Class of 2021
    • A. Wherever you are in your thoughts about employment or direction: looking for opportunities, a resume or cover letter critique, preparing for an interview or any questions about your next move, we are here to help. It’s easy to schedule a remote appointment with Career Development by accessing your Handshake account with your MassArt Net ID. Click on Career Center > Appointments.
    • A. Yes, your Career Development Handshake account is yours to access after you graduate. There is no time limit on how long you can access the listings or request assistance from Career Development.