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Campus as a Resource

We understand the need for access to tools, equipment and other resources that is separate from in-class instruction. We have worked to create a flexible model for access that allows each individual, whether student, faculty or staff, the opportunity to engage with campus. And, we are addressing a variety of needs and circumstances and structuring access to allow individuals to maximize their time on campus while also minimizing commuting time and  exposure times on campus.  

What’s different, what remains the same

Within the access described above, there are significant changes needed to comply with City, State and Federal health and safety requirements for COVID-19, and to promote a safe and supportive working environment for all members of our community. With this new hybrid program, access and use of all spaces will be very different than what it has been in the past. In every one of our spaces we must take into consideration the following: 

  • Time for cleaning and disinfecting
  • Time for air circulation and purification
  • Safe physical distancing and revised room capacities
  • De-densification of the number of people on campus at any one time
  • Safe and controlled traffic patterns and minimized movement across campus

All of the above factors guide how classrooms, studios, shops, and other spaces across campus can be used, and how they space can be reinvisioned in new ways to support necessary on campus functions in a safe way that minimizes the health risks of those involved. Some of the changes you can expect are:

Studio and Shop Access
In most cases you will see the friendly, familiar face of your Studio Manager, only with a mask on. But, your access to these spaces will be structured and scheduled. Sometimes the access will be built-in as part of your class time, in some cases it will be blocks of time assigned to majors in their respective areas, and in other cases it will be time requested for one-time access to a resource or tool. In all situations, the number of people in a space and the way spaces are configured and used will be reconsidered for physical distancing and other requirements. 

New Space Uses
We are using campus spaces in new ways to meet department and curriculum needs, within the new safety requirements, to take advantage of every available spaces across campus. Galleries, meeting spaces, and offices will be used as studios, classrooms, and extensions of studio space. 

In virtually all spaces and cases, the College’s standard for room occupancy will be far less than those given to us by City, State and Federal regulations.

Academic Schedule
The morning, afternoon, and evening academic schedule we are all used to will remain in place as a familiar structure that courses and other access will occur within. Classes for certain, and most other access, will be scheduled within this existing grid (even remote classes). If you are scheduling studio or shop access, study time, or other access, it will be done within this three block system. 

In some cases with morning/afternoon conflicts, we introduced a cohort solution that alternates courses between one week on-campus and one week remote in an opposing schedule. This  creates equitable access to spaces, but also allows for cleaning/sanitizing and settling of air in spaces. 

We realize this structured and scheduled access to spaces marks a significant change of culture for our campus. In the past we have enjoyed much more open and relaxed access to campus and resources.