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Auction Artists

Starting noon EST on Friday, April 12th until noon EST Friday, April 26th, you can bid on artwork featured in the 30th Anniversary MassArt Auction collection!  All high bids placed online will transfer over to the Auction on Saturday, April 27th where they will be monitored by house bidders throughout the evening. Learn more about setting up an account and bidding online.

All silent auction artwork can be purchased outright on Paddle8 through the "Buy Now" option at 150% of its stated value. When you purchase a silent auction artwork through the "Buy Now" function, your purchase of that piece is guaranteed and you cannot be outbid. The “Buy Now” option is available to online bidders on Paddle8 until Friday, April 26th at noon EST and in person at MassArt during the Opening Reception on Monday night, April 22nd and Public Preview Days from Tuesday, April 23rd - Thursday, April 25th.

Live Auction artwork (Lots #1 - #33) is not available for “Buy Now” on Paddle8, but these pieces are available for bidding. To place an absentee Live Auction bid visit the MassArt Auction on Paddle8 or contact Executive Director of Advancement Kathy Calnan at kcalnan@massart.eduor by phone at 617.879.7012.

Paddle8 will spotlight MassArt Auction artists on their Instagram account during the month of April. Make sure to follow their stories!

Sophia Ainslie                                

Emma Amos                         

Brett Angell                          

Peter Arvidson                                 

Güler Ates                            

Elizabeth Atterbury M'11                           

June August                         

Diane Ayott '97                                

Clint Baclawski M'08                                  

Donald Baechler                             

Julie Barrett '12                               

Nathan Clark Bentley '13                           

Dave J Bermingham '06                              

Sanford Biggers                               

Carly Ann Blais                                

Meryl Blinder                                   

Melanie Blood '10                          

Barbara Bosworth                           

Cameron Boyce '17                          

Klaus Burgel                        

Anne Callahan '86                          

Damon Campagna M'19                              

Michael Cappabianca '98                          

Catherine Carter                              

Marilyn Jan Casey '08                                 

Karen McEachern Cass '93                         

Elizabeth Catlett                             

Mathew Cerletty                              

Keith Cerone '06                              

Sunny Chen '19                                

Nicole Chesney '97                         

Dale Chihuly                        

Christopher Chippendale                          

Leena Cho '18                                  

Chomz '15                             

William Ciccariello                        

C. Clinton '93                        

Alexia Cohen '06                             

Maura Conron                                  

Mark Cooper                        

Linda Cordner                                  

Robert Cottingham                          

Ryan Crudgington '17                                  

Sean Cummings M'16                                 

Kyle Cusson                          

Kevin Cyr '00                         

Cathleen Daley '07                         

Bud DeLory '89                                 

Sam Dienst '16                                

Jim Dine                               

Gary DiPasquale '78                                   

Josh Dorman                        

Rebecca Doughty                            

Joan Drew '38                                  

Nathalia Edenmont                        

Steven Edson '77                              

Jules Ellison '11 M'15                                 

Doreen Evangeline                         

Fab 5 Freddy                        

Shepard Fairey                                

Pat Falco '10                         

Joseph Farbrook                               

Chris Faust '88                                 

David Faust '88                                

Samantha Fields '96                                  

Amy Fink '18                         

Andrew Fish                         

Alyssa Fishenden '15                                 

Anne Fitzpatrick                              

David Fiveash                                  

Nina Fletcher '91                             

J Floyd '15                             

Lisa A. Foster                                   

Robert Freeman                               

Annelise Freund '19                                   

Julia Gaitley '19                              

Sophie Galowitz                               

Matthew Gamber                            

Michelle Garcia '16                        

Thomas Gearty M'99                                   

Alex Gerasev                        

Ori Gersht                             

Susan Gheyssari                             

Charlotte Andry Gibbs '85                          

Leah Giberson '97                           

John Gibson                         

James Gibson '91                            

Wally Gilbert                                   

Zoé Gillette '19                               

Peach S Goodrich                            

Michelle Grabner                           

Barbara Grad                                   

Leslie M.W. Graff                            

Kris Graves                           

Frank Gregory '80                            

Gints Grinbergs                               

Martine Gutierrez                           

Kate Holcomb Hale                          

Elisa H. Hamilton '07                        

YoAhn Han                           

Amelia Hankin                                  

Geoff Hargadon                              

Anne Harney '11                              

Holly Harrison                                 

Nancy Hayes                        

Greg Heins                           

Ian Henderson '03                          

Nona Hershey                                  

Jeffrey Heyne                        

David Hilliard '92                            

Sofie Elana Hodara M'14                           

Hans Hoffman                                 

Tanja Hollander and Brittany Marcoux

Yoav Horesh '03                               

Lisa Houck                            

Cody Hoyt '07                        

Sophie Hughes '08                           

Afshan Iragorri '17                            

Vanessa Irzyk '07                            

Olivia Ives-Flores                           

Yvonne Jacquette                            

Joel Janowitz                                   

David Johnedis                               

Phillip Jones                        

Alison Judd '07                                

Dinora Justice                                   

Hung-Ju Kan M'20                            

Alex Katz                               

Janet Kawada '92                            

Allie Keast '19                                 

Jim Keevan                           

Angela Kelly '19

Ian Kennelly '94                              

Jeffrey Keough                                  

Jordan Kessler '13                            

Joan Kiley '91                                   

Sam Kim '18                          

Matthew King '10                            

Stefanie Klavens                             

Shannon Knight '14                         

Mary Kocol                            

Niho Kozuru                         

Melissa Krok-Horton '15                            

Maxwell LaBelle '19                                   

Crystalle Lacouture                         

Annie Lapin                         

Madison LaRose '18                                   

Sue-Yee Leung '05                           

Julie Levesque                                

Mark Levinson                                 

Peter Wayne Lewis                         

Fred H.C. Liang                                 

Izzy Liberti '19                                  

Julian Libront '19

Meg Linnan '19                                

Obi Little '16                        

Nicola Lopez                         

Kathrine Lovell                                

Julia Luft '17                         

Lucy Sargent Lyons                          

Alysia Macaulay                              

Martin Mackenzie                            

Katrina Majkut                                   

Robert Maloney '96                         

Brice Marden                                   

Karen Margolis                                

Bailey Mariner '14                          

Wendy Mark                         

A. Markham '19                        

Kimberly Maroon M'14                               

Julie Martini M'03                           

James Mason '81                            

Rania Matar                         

Caitlin Mavilia '17                          

Victoria Maxfield '16                                  

Jane Maxwell                                  

Michael Mazur                                

Maureen McAfee '19                                  

Abby McAllister '16                         

Leah Medin '13                                

Carrie Megan                                   

Fabiola Menchelli M'13                               

Alyssa Minahan M'17                                 

Yue Minjun                           

Michael Mittelman '02                              

Kayla Mohammadi                         

Farid Mokarimanshadi '19                        

Mimi Moncier                                  

Sarah Montrond '19                        

Navidreza Haghighi Mood M'18                           

Roberta Moore                                

David Moore '76                              

Abelardo Morell                             

Rachel Rose Morrissey M'16                                 

Susan Murie                        

James Ovid Mustin III M'11                                   

Makaela Myers '19                         

Caleb Neelon                                  

Ben Nelson '16                                

Dean Nimmer                                  

Aby Normal '19                                

Maureen O'Connor '81                               

Carol O'Malia                                  

Juan Obando                                   

Debra Olin '80                                 

Cynthia Packard '81                         

Coleen Palencia '12                         

James Paradis '05                           

Greg Parker                          

Roberta Paul                        

Anna Pausch '15                              

Rachel Paxton                                   

Evan Perkins                                             

Rachel Perry                          

Zoe Perry-Wood '81                         

Elizabeth Peyton                             

Jack Pierson '84                               

Michelle Poirier '18 M'19                           

Liliana Porter                        

Eli Portman                          

Julia S. Powell                                   

PRONZY '17                           

Deb Putnam '78                               

qwynto '16                            

Edward Rabe                                   

Gerri Rachins M'01                         

Paul Henry Ramirez                        

Sandra Ramos Lorenzo                                

John J Rego '18                                

Astrid Reischwitz                            

Christian Restrepo '15                               

Chelsea Revelle '07                        

Pedro Reyes                         

Ryan Ricci '17                                   

Justin Richel '02                              

Coppola Robert                               

Cameron Byron Roberts                             

Patrick Roldan '19                            

Irena Roman '77                              

Kay Rosen                             

Casey Ruble                         

Ed Ruscha                             

Raymond Saá                                   

Elliot Schildkrout                            

Simon Schubert                               

Susana Segat                         

Tara Sellios                         

On-Kyeong Seong                            

Paul Shakespear                             

David Shapiro                                  

Arlene Shechet                                

Kelly Sherman '02                           

Leslie Shershow '06                                   

Sneha Shrestha                               

James Siena                        

Neetu Singhal M'20                        

Kiki Smith                             

Andrew Smith '19                            

Candice Smith Corby M'01                         

Halie Smith M'20                            

Anne Smith Stephan                                  

Cheryl Sorg '99                                 

Steven Spazuk                                  

Daisy St. Sauveur '19                                  

Michael Stavaridis                         

Andrew Stearns '13                         

Pat Steir                                

Michelle Stevens '19                                  

May Stevens '46                               

Deborra Stewart-Pettengill                                   

Christopher Sullivan                                  

Kate Sullivan '90                             

Donald Sultan                                   

Susan Swinand                               

Johnny Tang                          

Elisa Tenenbaum                           

Marina Thompson                            

Bill Thompson                                 

John Thompson M'05                                 

Remi Thornton                                

Stephen Tourlentes M'88                          

Mary Alice Treworgy '58                             

Ernest Trova                         

Kate True                              

Federico Uribe                                

Christine Vaillancourt                               

Peter Vanderwarker                                   

Jimmy Viera '14                               

Christina Vogel '05                         

Adam Waimon '06                          

Li Wang M'19                                   

Joseph Webster '15                          

William Wegman '65                                 

Tom Wesselmann                          

Bo White '19                        

Amy Wilson                          

Luanne E Witkowski '86                             

Cary Sol Wolinsky                           

Bret Woodard '10                            

Robert W Worth '11                        

Helena Wurzel                                  

Emily Yang M'18                              

Kimon Yannopoulos '99                             


Michael Zachary '08                        

Craig Zammiello                             

Brian Zink