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Where, Oh Where Are the Deer of Deer Isle?

Sarah Perry20, BFA, Glass
Where, Oh Where Are the Deer of Deer Isle? | 2018, Glass

3" x 2 1/4" x 1.5"
Lampworked borosilicate glass; Moss

From the Artist: 
I gained inspiration for this work at Haystack, where I found it peculiar that I saw no deer on an isle named for them. I asked one of the kitchen staff, a Deer Isle native, why I had not yet seen any deer on the isle. He chuckled his response: “Well, they’ve probably seen you!” The magic of this mystery ignited my imagination, and I envisioned deer around every bend in the mossy trail, just beyond my sight. I could almost sense them, even though I never saw them. I wished to share this vision, this sensing of something invisible yet undeniably present. I collected a small patch of moss, a microcosm of the forest, to accomodate my vision. I flameworked a glass deer, only an inch tall, which requires the viewer to look closely. The transparent glass and small scale of this sculpture creates an intimate space, a private moment where the viewer exists on a little moss planet with the deer and its shadow. The viewer can’t see the deer, but it is sensed through the evidence the shadow leaves behind.