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The Eyes

Digital photo printed on Epson lustre paper, 20" x 30."

"The Eyes" is an image from Lena's junior project called “Digital Natives," which explores the friction between the represented self versus the true self. Lena is passionate about portraiture, and loves collaborating with her subjects.

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Antidote: A Photoluminescent Photographic Installation

Antidote is a single photographic image - composed from hundreds to form one transformative, life-sized magical garden.  Judy Haberl spent several months photographing at the Green Animals Topiary garden, which is part of the Newport Mansions Preservation Society, in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The idea of a "heroic" scale is important for her in the realization of this piece, fueled by encountering certain works where an epic scale was integral to the phenomenology of the work: (Claude Monet’s- Water Lilies, The Rothko Chapel, Thomas Demand’s photos.)


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