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Painting One

Oil on canvas, 44" x 48"

Nicole's current paintings are non-literal spaces, both near and far. There is the overall spatial experience as well as small painted moments to be slowly observed. Nicole's perceptions are made through their substance, through their materiality, through the paint (there is nothing like paint, but paint can be like so much). They are evidence of ritual, icons of renewal made of color. The paintings function like visual poetry, objects for reflection and experience. Meaning is there when the viewer looks carefully. 


As a skateboard photographer it is Liam's upmost passion to capture the hyper-intense moments a person goes through while performing a skateboard trick. It has become a duty of Liam's to attempt to capture the lives of his friends and fellow skateboarders. However this work further explores the down moments and the moments in between that which makes up the lifestyle of the skaters around Liam. 

Skateboarding brings Liam all over the globe, photos from this series were taken across the greater northeast, including Boston, New Hampshire, and Montreal, Canada.


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